Beauty trend: reverse skincare

Beauty trend: reverse skincare

Initiated by beauty influencer @glowwithava (followed by 1.5 million followers on TikTok), the reverse skin care promises us skin that is more supple and plumper than ever.

A trend against all the usual principles since it consists of carrying out your beauty routine… upside down. Real good idea or umpteenth concept invented to make views?

First step of the reverse skin care : Apply a moisturizing cream in a thick layer to the entire face like a mask. The influencer then advises to place cotton pads soaked in a tonic lotion without alcohol or perfume on her face and leave them on for 15 minutes. Once the time is up, seal everything with another layer of cream, this time in the amount you usually use.

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Really plumper skin?

“This is not a fake news. Yes, by reversing your routine you can have a plumper skin effect, since you will over-nourish the skin”, explains facialist Sophie Carbonari.

But if on paper the technique of reverse skin care is not dangerous, it is not recommended for everyone, as the expert points out: “You always have to be wary of the trends seen on social networks. For me, the reverse skin care may be possible for people who do not have skin problems. On the other hand, for those who have atopic skin or acne, it is better not to try it. In addition, I think it’s really wasteful: the cream is probably the most expensive part of a routine, why would you want to apply so much? It won’t be more efficient. If it is to reproduce the effect of a mask or a cleansing balm, you might as well buy the right product directly.”

But then, do you really have to disobey the sacrosanct rule of applying your care from the finest texture to the thickest, from the most watery product to the most oily? “Reverse yes, but not just any steps”, nuance Amélie Demange, Head of Spa International Aesthetic Creation Guerlain at the origin of the Age Re-verse protocol, a treatment inspired by the trend. “It is essential to start with a stage of preparation of the skin consisting of a scrupulous cleaning then to select the products adapted to the needs of its skin”, adds the expert.

The alternatives to reverse skin care

You will have understood it, the reverse skin care is a trend to be handled with tweezers. And if your goal is to have more supple and plumped skin, there are other solutions that are much more effective.

“When our skin lacks tone, the best thing to do is to massage our face,” says Sophie Carbonari, who also recommends applying each treatment by stimulating her epidermis. Another tip: use products based on peptides, which will help revitalize our cells. “The copper peptide in particular is very good for restoring suppleness, especially when your skin is a little messy.”

Finally, facial treatments with radiofrequency such as HIFU or with micro-current help fight against sagging skin and bring radiance.

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