Captain Allaizeau officially takes command of the gendarmerie company in Mauriac (Cantal)

Le capitaine Allaizeau prend officiellement la tête de la compagnie de gendarmerie de Mauriac (Cantal)

A troop without a leader being condemned to failure, according to the colonel of the gendarmerie of Cantal Olivier Cortot, the company of Mauriac officially enthroned his, captain Frédéric Allaizeau, Tuesday morning, in its premises in Mauriac. A strong moment during which the colonel recalled the captain’s career, “a beautiful and already long career”…

“A beautiful career path”

After his military service in the gendarmerie, Frédéric Allaizeau decided to enlist. “He is lucky to be among the last student gendarmes to follow his training in Berlin, just before the fall of the wall”, recalls the colonel. Assigned to Bourgoin-Jallieu, he went to Lebanon in early 1990, during the deadly conflict between Christian and Druze militias.

It is now up to you to make this beautiful district your own by setting out to discover its narrowest paths, its smallest hamlets by striving to understand local issues, by gaining, through contact, the trust of the population, elected officials and of all the partners who have come today to show you their affection for our institution.

Olivier Cortot (Colonel of the Cantal Gendarmerie)

In 1994, “he joined the departmental gendarmerie which he would never leave”, in Isère, in rural territory but also in the peri-urban area of ​​Grenoble.

Captain Allaizeau (to the right) among the men and women who make up the company.
He will participate, in particular, “in an investigation concerning a homicide inside the prison of Varces from an outside shot by sniper, this gives an idea of ​​the level of violence in this part of the Alps”. Captain Allaizeau will also have to deal with urban violence and an attempted night attack by the gendarmerie and will highlight “his human qualities as a leader by taking care of a young gendarme shocked following the discovery of the decapitated body of a business leader assassinated by an Islamist terrorist”.

A field man

A professional experience, quoted in dotted line, during this ceremony in the presence of local elected officials and personalities, under the gaze of Amélie De Sousa, sub-prefect of the Mauriac district. She noted, for her part, the captain’s involvement in his function as soon as he arrived this summer, by starting a tour to meet the mayors of the territory, from the largest to the smallest municipality, to introduce themselves and above all to exchange with them. “You have almost finished your tour of the communes, unfortunately I haven’t been able to yet.”

Creation of a PSIG in Mauriac

It also reminded him of the key areas to pursue for the safety of people and property. And for the reception of the Mauritian gendarmes (with the arrival of the Surveillance and Intervention Platoon of the gendarmerie, in particular) in housing awaiting renovation and whose request for subsidies will finally arrive after long months of waiting . As for the issues to be addressed for fellow citizens, there are many.

New faces at the gendarmerie of the arrondissement of Mauriac

“Road safety, work on domestic violence and all forms of violence such as school bullying, prevention and awareness of the suicidal crisis with the Sentinels network, listed the sub-prefect. You will see, we are a territory on a human scale and your field of action is wide. You will be working with many key contacts and partners. And with your background and your sensitivity, you are a strength for our territory. »

A gold medal for Warrant Officer Julie Brunet

Arrived last September at the Mauriac-Pleaux community of brigades after four years in Martinique, Warrant Officer Julie Brunet, second in the community of brigades, received a distinction during the ceremony. A national defense gold medal, bronze star was awarded to him by Colonel Olivier Cortot. On October 23, 2021, riots and fires of garbage cans and tires set Martinique territory ablaze. She was injured by the throwing of a cinder block in the performance of her duties… “You have demonstrated a very fine professional quality of unfailing commitment which does honor to the national gendarmerie”, declared the colonel in him presenting his gold medal.

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