David Beckham, Henry Golding, Regé-Jean Page, Adam Driver… These grooming secrets that we steal from them to look fresh

David Beckham, Henry Golding, Regé-Jean Page, Adam Driver... These grooming secrets that we steal from them to look fresh

Contrary to what one might sometimes think, male celebrities don’t just owe their perfect skin to good genetics. Their beauty routines sometimes want to be much more elaborate than what we imagine. To shine in everyday life as on the red carpet, many are those who strive to implement very specific rituals adapted to their needs and their personal problems. Some even have little beauty secrets of their own, which some well-hung tongues have inadvertently let leak, for our greatest happiness since we can happily steal them, so that we too can have a more radiant complexion. Of David Beckham at Regé-Jean Page Passing by Harry Styles Where Henry Goldingfocus on the favorite beauty habits of 8 male stars…

What are the beauty secrets of male celebrities?

David Beckham would be nothing without his favorite moisturizer with smoothing and rejuvenating properties and a slight glowy effect. Says his wife Victoria Beckham: “My husband, he doesn’t wear makeup, he doesn’t even wear tinted moisturizer, but he wears gold moisturizer because it’s nice on the skin, it looks great, and he doesn’t have the impression of wearing anything ».

Regé-Jean Page is a diligent man who knows his classics. As his makeup artist Jessica Ortiz revealed in 2021, the actor is betting on a minimalist but effective routine that takes 4 steps. He starts by cleansing his face with a leave-in cleansing water, then he goes on to apply a moisturizer concentrated in active ingredients and a pore blurring base, before finishing with a tinted cream. equipped with an SPF.

For his part, the actor Jonathan Bailey is a fan of body scrubs, which allow him to have the skin of the body very soft and smooth and to say bye bye to roughness.

‘Cause chapped lips ain’t sexy, you better take a cue from Harry Styles and invest in a moisturizing and soothing lip oil.

Many men tend to neglect them, but eyebrows need to be maintained. If you’re the type spoiled by nature in terms of hairiness, a little clearing from time to time doesn’t hurt and it’s not Henry Golding who could say the opposite, since he always has his trusty pen trimmer in his toiletry bag, which he uses for his eyebrows and nose hairs.

Ryan Reynolds is one of those men who have understood how much lotion is not an option in a beauty routine. It is an essential. The husband of Blake Lively prefers his balancing, in order to purify, cleanse and refresh his epidermis but also to make his skin appear more radiant.

To have a hairy beard like that of the sexiest man of 2022 (elected by the American magazine People), we named Chris Evansyou will need to invest in a good razor in order to perfectly draw your contours but also in a balm or beard oil, in order to tame it and make it silkier.

The trick ofAdam Driver for glowing, hydrated and luminous skin, before being assailed by the flashes of photographers on the red carpet? Sheet masks for the face that give the skin a significant boost in just a few minutes.

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