Le Nouvelliste | Dr Wilhelmine Édouard offers us “Super Melanine”, her first book

Le Nouvelliste |  Dr Wilhelmine Édouard offers us “Super Melanine”, her first book

“Super Melanine” or “Kokennchenn Melanin” in Creole or “Super Melanin” in English, is arriving in stores. The young author who participated in the Kreyolofoni Festival last October will be at the Miami Book Fair for this month of November 2022. “I can’t wait to make the book available in Haiti”, assures Dr Edouard who worked with illustrator Ralph Penel Pierre to make this book for children.

Passionate about skin, hair and nail care, Dr. Wilhelmine Edouard gives herself totally in the practice of her profession in Haiti. Whether she sees them in her private practice or in orphanages, it’s always the same quality service, the same delicacy. She is one of those who were born to serve and she really enjoys it.

Former student of Marie Anne College, Wilhelmine Edouard began her medical studies at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University of Notre Dame d’Haiti as soon as she obtained her baccalaureate. She specializes in aesthetic medicine at the American Academy of Aesthetics, in pediatric dermatology at the University of Nantes and is currently training in psychodermatology with the ESDaP. “I fell under the spell of this discipline while I was doing my residency in a community health center in Thomassin 25. There were many patients who suffered from scabies and ringworm. I felt useful. So far I’m very happy with my choice, I’m doing a job that I love, but it’s also a way to continue educating others on how to take care of their skin as well as the dangers of depigmentation and other harmful practices very present in society,” explains Dr. Edouard.

In 2020, she launched her line of cosmeceutical products under the SkinAyiti label. Cleansing gels, niacinamide-based cream, correction pads, products to unify the complexion, make up this very first range. Also dedicated to sensitive skin, these products are used in the treatment of acne problems, ingrown hairs, etc. Other articles should come to swell the ranks of this line which collects very good opinions from users. “To my knowledge, I don’t know of any dermatologist here in Haiti who has created a line of such products, but the need was there,” she says without boasting. For her, SkinAyiti responds to a request. “When I started to practice, I very quickly noticed that my patients had difficulty finding quality products adapted to their skin type. SkinAyiti therefore provides them with a solution and presents itself as a quality cosmeceutical alternative for black women in general, us in the Caribbean in particular”, advances the number one of SkinAyiti. A portion of the profits from the sale of the products is used to finance the activities of his non-profit organization.

Indeed, Dr. Edouard makes sure to be socially involved in his community. At the head of SkinAyiti, her non-profit organization, she helps needy children and orphans, who would otherwise have difficulty accessing such care. We see her from time to time organizing medical missions in orphanages to treat children but also to raise their awareness of dermatological diseases and educational sessions in universities and churches. “The skin is a very important organ. If you have problems in the intestines, or in the stomach, it will show on the skin. It is really important to take good care of your skin, diet, etc. “, she explains.

A book to better educate children

For Wilhelmine Edouard, “Kokennchenn Melanin” which has just landed on the shelves responds to a need for education and empowerment. “The idea came to me while working with Chevelin, an illustrator but also a friend. I told him that I would have liked to design an educational product to help children understand how beautiful their skin is and the virtues of melanin. And I set out to do this to make it happen. This book is primarily for me. It’s a personal therapy in that I grew up with a complex about the color of my skin. I’m not hiding from you, I too, at some point, looked for methods to change the color of my skin because I didn’t feel beautiful compared to the standards that existed in my environment. This book contains what I would have liked to say to the seven-year-old girl that I was, but also what I would like any child to know. In addition, there is also a cultural aspect that should not be overlooked, super melanins are typically Haitian superheroes for children, little heroes who teach them to know themselves, to know their skin, “explains the one who is entering in the circle of feather craftsmen.

“The book, which is published in French, Creole and English, is aimed at all black children so that they have another vision of themselves,” adds Dr. Edouard, who also plans to conquer a larger market than that of Haiti. Confident, she does not intend to stop in such a good way after this first publication. Super Melanins will return in other stories to give children scientific information about other organs in their bodies.

“There is no age to start working on your projects or your dreams. The more we realize them, the more we will see opportunities materialize that we had not even thought of. So, as I like to say, keep an open mind and keep moving forward. Moving forward even if it’s not at the pace you wanted. The main thing is to take a small step”, urges this young entrepreneur. Friendly, like her alone, the author of “Kokennchenn Melanin”, gives you an appointment soon for a signature sale in Haiti and if by chance you have a little problem with your skin, hair or nails, don’t do not hesitate to jump on his page on social networks. She will welcome you with this big smile and this kindness of which only she has the secret.

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