My teenager has oily hair: what should I do?

My teenager has oily hair: what should I do?

Oily roots, dandruff, itchy scalp, your teen.ea hair problems? Dermatologist Nina Roos sheds light on their origin and the treatments to be put in place.

Why does my teenager suddenly have greasy hair?

“In 90 % cases, oily hair in adolescents is due to hormonal changes during puberty that lead to sebum secretion”explains dermatologist Nina Roos, author of My teen’s skin (Ed. Solar). Other possible explanations: “At that age, hygiene is sometimes a little less goodespecially in the hair, often out of laziness”, she notes. Finally, adolescence frequently goes hand in hand with diet modification. In effect, “Teenagers are usually more fond of fatty and sugary foods, which can also modify the production of sebum”notes the dermatologist.

“Teenagers are usually more fond of fatty and sugary foods, which can also modify the production of sebum”

What shampoo for a teenager with oily hair?

Dr. Roos advises, first of all, to encourage them in a benevolent way of course, because adolescents are likely to have better hygiene. It is therefore suggested to wash your hair more often explaining to him that as we grow up, we need to wash them more regularly, because of pollution or sports, among other things. And then, if he needs to wash them every day, “no contraindication”, she reassures, “this is not likely to make them fatter, it is better that he adopts good habits, even if it means being a little over the top”. If that’s not enough, “we bet on a shampoo for oily hair, even anti-dandruff, because the combo of dandruff and oily hair is frequent”, emphasizes Nina Roos. Which model to choose? Commercially available shampoos, standard models for adults, are usually sufficient. For boys, if washing hair is a chore, we don’t hesitate to choose a model for men, fresh, that smells good and that he will enjoy using. Same strategy for girls, we let them choose their shampoo. “They are generally less reluctant; however, on long hair, detangling and drying can quickly become restrictive”, observes the dermatologist. Ditto, if necessary, they can also wash them daily.

“If he has dandruff, it is treated with a commercially available anti-dandruff shampoo Head & Shoulders type or in drugstores”, offers Dr. Roos to start. If the problem persists, she advises taking go to a dermatologist to be prescribed an appropriate treatment.

Does your teenager like to texturize their hairstyle? “It would be better avoid styling products that are too greasy, compact and pasty such as wax or styling creams, suggests the dermatologist. Instead, we put on a more fluid product such as gel or spray. It is also useless to put too much of it, because it risks suffocating your scalp. Also important according to the dermatologist: avoid macerating your scalp under a cap or hat all day. For teenagers with long hair, “supplementing the shampoo with a conditioner or hair care does not risk making them more greasy”, she reassures, on the other hand, it can make her want to wash her hair more regularly!

To soothe itchy scalpsame treatment to begin with: the use of a dandruff shampoo. Dandruff and itching often go together. And, if the itching persists, we take him away consult a dermatologist to prescribe a specific shampoo.

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