Right of reply of the Maubeuge hospital center

Right of reply of the Maubeuge hospital center

Following the publication of our article entitled “This Saturday, we walk for the hospital”, published in our paper editions and on our website, the management of the Maubeuge hospital center asks us to insert this right of reply.

“The management of the Maubeuge Hospital Center and the medical community have taken note of the comments made by an agent of the establishment’s mortuary, relayed in the paper edition of L’Observateur and La Sambre of October 14, 2022 and the online edition on the L’Observateur website.

The management of the Maubeuge Hospital Center and the medical community would like to firmly deny the comments made by this agent, who declares that he knows the causes of death of the deceased persons for whom he provides care and affirms that this would result from a sorting in the patients.

These assertions according to which the hospital and its medical staff would not have taken care of the patients admitted to the hospital for financial reasons are totally false and contribute unfairly to bring shame to the establishment and the practitioners.

The comments made are first of all unfounded, because without calling into question the importance of the missions of a mortuary agent, the latter is neither authorized nor competent to scientifically determine the cause of death. He cannot therefore claim to know them, nor impute them to anyone.

The notion of “sorting patients” mentioned is erroneous and misleading, given the rules of medical ethics that doctors respect on a daily basis in the care of users of the public hospital service, in particular the rule of non-discrimination between patients.

Such an accusation is not only in direct contradiction with medical ethics, but with the essential mission of the public hospital service to ensure the diagnosis, treatment and care of patients.

The establishment takes feedback from services and patients very seriously, in order to constantly optimize care.

These remarks, which considerably undermine the honor and consideration of the hospital center and its medical staff, are therefore liable to prosecution for public defamation. They are unacceptable for the establishment and its medical staff, which provide the best level of service every day in the care of patients, especially since they unfairly discredit medical action and contribute to creating a climate deleterious mistrust vis-à-vis doctors, practitioners and caregivers.

As for the remarks relating to “complaints with suspicion of medical errors” and the accusation that the establishment would maneuver to have the proceedings dropped, such remarks are just as erroneous and misleading.

They ignore the most basic rules of medical liability law and the principles of compensation for damages related to medical accidents.

They are also in total contradiction with the hospital’s approach aimed at ensuring the proper functioning of its care services, in particular with the establishment of the user relations unit, which, in conjunction with the medical teams , to provide all the answers to the questions or complaints of patients or their relatives.

The establishment is thus committed to a process of transparency and continuous improvement of the safety of care, and takes very seriously the feedback from services and patients, in order to constantly optimize the care of the population of Sambre. -Avesnois”.

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