The secrets of… The Ordinary

The secrets of... The Ordinary

The small, ordinary cosmetics brand has risen to the rank of global superstar in just a few years. But what are the secrets of its success? Between behind-the-scenes info and fun facts, we reveal everything there is to know about the low-cost products that have conquered the world of beauty. And which are currently offered at -23% throughout the month of November.

Impossible to miss the tornado The Ordinary. Created in 2016 to defray the cosmetics industry, the Canadian brand has become the most popular in the world. In the program ? Total transparency with product names that bear those of the key ingredients of the formula, ascetic and recognizable packaging among a thousand but above all low prices. With some labels that rarely exceed 10€, The Ordinary has achieved a real masterstroke in a sector that does not skimp on margins. And advocates integrity, pedagogy and inclusivity.

In the movement, the brand chose for example to boycott Black Friday and its injunction to thoughtless consumption by organizing each year the “Slowvember”. To encourage intentional, slow and mindful drinking, The Ordinary offers a 23% discount on all its products throughout November. Thus, consumers can take the time to reflect and to document themselves thanks to the educational content published by the brand in order to make the best choices according to their needs and not in a hurry. A good opportunity to discover the little secrets of this new must-have in our toiletry bags to afford its best-sellers at tiny prices.

1. It’s the most popular skincare brand in the world

In 2021, The Ordinary was searched 37 million times on the Internet (source Cosmetify). A feat in this ultra-saturated universe where a new brand comes out on the market every week. And that’s not the only indicator of its success as the brand has also been awarded the title of “Number 1 Prestige Skincare Brand in the World” and “Number 1 Brand in Share of Voice” for its serums. . The brand has since expanded its expertise to hair care and for eyelashes.

The ordinary

The ordinary

€14.24 instead of €18.50 on

2. A The Ordinary product is sold every second around the world

“botox in a bottle”red serum, caffeine eye cream… If many references meet with great success, it is the care Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% which breaks all records with a bottle sold every 2 seconds. Thanks to its high concentration of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory Niacinamide, it promises smoother and clearer skin in 8 weeks of use.

The Ordinary

The Ordinary

€5.24 instead of €6.80 for 30ml€9.32 instead of €12.10 for 60ml

3. Formulas are made in the brand’s in-house lab in Toronto

Unlike the majority of cosmetic brands, The Ordinary develops its own formulas in its internal laboratory, within its head office in Toronto.

4. #TheOrdinary has over 1.7 billion views on TikTok

If you are familiar with the Chinese social network, you must have seen videos of people with their faces smeared with funny blood red liquid and amazing before and afters. With nearly 2 billion views, The Ordinary is one of the most viral skincare brands on the platform. And her red serum, the Peeling Solution AHA 30% + BHA 2%alone has 34 million views!

The Ordinary

The Ordinary

€6.39 instead of €8.30 on

5. The Ordinary ignores muses

No advertising campaign, no ambassador. Without marketing costs, The Ordinary can afford to put everything into research and offer very, very low prices. Like its famous moisturizing cream at 6€. A paying strategy as stipulated in the previous points.

The ordinary

The ordinary

€4.62 instead of €6 on

6. Over 400,000 people have signed up for the Salicylic Acid Solution Waiting List

He disappeared for two years to get a makeover. And users were crying out for it. “Not a day has gone by in two years without us having hundreds of messages on our social networks asking us when this product is coming back”, entrusted us with the brand. Preferred by acne-prone skin, thesalicylic acid was the most searched ingredient on the internet in 2021. Its keratolytic and exfoliating action, loosens dead skin cells, decongests pores and stimulates cell renewal to show brighter skin, clearer skin texture and pores , tightened.

The Ordinary

The Ordinary

€4.70 instead of €6.10 on

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