Tok beauté: reverse make-up, or how to defy the golden rules of make-up

Tok beauté: reverse make-up, or how to defy the golden rules of make-up

(ETX Daily Up) – When it comes to beauty, Tiktokers blow us away, but we never expected them to ever challenge one of the golden rules of make- up… The current trend is to reverse the order of the steps – and the products – applied to the skin to obtain a flawless complexion. Explanations.

What are the key steps for successful makeup? If you follow to the letter – or almost – the instructions of the greatest make-up artists, there is a good chance that you will start with a foundation, continue with the application of a foundation, then a bronzer and a blush, before fixing the set. And you thought a fortiori that you perfectly mastered the art of make-up… It is not so. You don’t have the basics, as shown by the hot new trend on TikTok, underpainting, which users are already raving about.

According to several professional makeup artists, who have – oh surprise! – themselves shared this beauty tip on the Chinese social network, there is nothing innovative about underpainting. It would even be a technique as old as the world – or at least like the very first concealer – but that make-up specialists had been careful not to share until then, intended for a handful of privileged people. This is no longer the case, since the Tiktokeurs have not only adopted it, but also shared it with as many people as possible.

A completely reverse make-up

Underpainting simply consists of reversing the stages of your beauty treatment. Strange, we agree, except that the technique would make it possible to obtain a more natural make-up, letting the skin breathe, without a plaster effect, or the impression of having thick layers of material on the skin. And, as its name suggests, it is modeled on a method used in painting to give beautiful colors and a beautiful light – the famous glow – to a canvas.

On TikTok, those who have experimented with or shared the method, like professional makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, therefore start with bronzer and blush – the end in short – applying them respectively to the contour of the face and the cheekbones before blending them. Then comes the stage of the concealer – or concealer – placed in very light touches on your imperfections but especially not on the two products that you have just applied. It is usually found around the eye, on the chin, on the nose and on the forehead. It only remains – once again – to blur the whole thing.

While some punctuate this surprising technique with a touch of foundation – choose a little covering to keep the natural look of the makeup – others are content with concealer for a fresh and light beauty. And the result, it must be admitted, is quite amazing, in the opinion of users. Be careful, however, to ease off on the complexion corrector – or concealer – so as not to have to blend too much material; which would have the consequence of bringing out the imperfections. As you will have understood, this is not the goal, the idea being to achieve a natural and light makeup. To your brushes!

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