What lipstick to avoid after 60? +4 sublime colors that flatter!

What lipstick to avoid after 60?  +4 sublime colors that flatter!

Our skin ages, just like us. Thus, over the years, our makeup routine changes considerably. Why that ? Why can’t we wear the same makeup as 40 or even 20 years ago? Well, the texture of our skin changes drastically. So some colors and some products may not be as suitable today as they used to be. If you’re over 60 or even 50, stick around to find out all about lipstick and mature lips. First, I’ll tell you what lipstick to avoid after 60 and then I’ll tell you what will flatter you!

what lipstick after 60

What lipstick to avoid after 60? And why ?

There are several colors and products that you should avoid after 60. The reason we’re discussing this today is to make you feel more confident and sublime about yourself. And that means choosing the perfect colors and products for your complexion, so that your lips are plump, hydrated and soft. So, without further ado, let’s see together what lipsticks to avoid after 60:

  • Colors that are too bright or too dark. Putting on makeup after 60 is much more different. Although we all love to wear a bold lip and feel like a seductress at any age, we have to stop for a minute. Let me explain to you. In fact, with age, lips tend to thin out. By wearing very bright or dark colors, we accentuate this. And instead of looking juicy, we visually make our lips look even smaller.
  • Matte or very liquid lipsticks. Some mats tend to dry out our skin a lot. As we age, our natural oils disappear, and our lips naturally become flaky and dry. Very liquid products can produce the same effect.
  • Lipsticks that don’t match under your makeup. Picking the wrong shade for your skin tone is actually very common. What do you know about undertones? We all have a specific undertone and we choose colors according to it, in order to be naturally beautiful. I strongly invite you to consult my detailed article on the subject to discover what is your skin tone !

light skin tone what lipstick

So take the photo of this pretty lady for example. Her makeup is actually quite natural and flattering. She surely knows how to make up your eyes after 50 ! Her cheeks have a peachy complexion that highlights her features and her eyelashes are gorgeous. However… His mouth is obviously thin. And while this color isn’t flashy like a bright red or too dark, it doesn’t really go with her face and makes her mouth look thinner. If she had chosen a lighter shade, they would have looked fuller. Indeed, the contrast is striking here!

Tips for mature lips

what lipstick to avoid after 60

Apart from what lipstick to avoid after 60, we have to start taking care of ourselves! Before we get into lipstick shades for women over 60, we must first talk about lip care. With the onset of winter, our lips will become drier and more flaky. So that your lipstick be divinely velvety on you, not only because of time, but especially because of age, here is what you must always do. Call it a lip care routine!

  • Drink water to stay hydrated. It’s obvious. Water keeps your skin glowing and healthy.
  • Erase. Exfoliate lips at least once a week is mandatory. As I said before, as we age, we lose our natural oils, which leads to quite a lot of dead skin. Get rid of dead skin by exfoliating it.
  • Use a balm. The lip balm prevents drying out.
  • Try not to lick them. It dries them out like never before!
  • Apply UV balm when you expose yourself to the sun. The sun can also damage them!

what lipstick after 60? Top 5 must-try colors

We have seen which lipstick to avoid after 60… Or rather several. Now let’s see which ones will suit you perfectly and why!

  • Take a creamy, clear lipstick. A lighter shade will open up your face and make them look fuller and healthier. In addition, it will not emphasize aged skin, but will complement it wonderfully and look natural. I suggest you opt for the L’Oréal Paris luminous moisturizing lipstick or Coco red Chanel, ultra-hydrating in a shade that matches your skin tone and flatters your features!
  • A brown-based nude. Many of us can’t walk around without having a darker colored lip. And we found that it makes lips look thinner. However, if the lipstick is not matte and very dark, you can still wear a flawless brownish color. You can try the Audacious by NARS Cosmetics in Deborah.
  • A very light lipstick. You don’t want to have a lot of pigment if the skin is dry and particularly thin. Simulate fullness with the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstickwhich contains avocado oil and vitamin E that will keep them soft.

what lipstick for thin lips

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