5 tips for taking care of your jewelry

5 tips for taking care of your jewelry

It is essential to take care of your jewelry to keep it more beautiful and in good condition. But not in any way! To clean and restore your jewelry to its new appearance, there are several good processes. Here they are !

#1: My jewelry has blackened
Your jewelry in copper or silver alloy has blackened? Do not panic ! There is a simple solution to restore their shine: soak them in hot water mixed with washing-up liquid. Liquid Marseille soap can also be a great ally. Do not hesitate to soak your jewelry for a few hours, overnight for example, before rubbing it with a soft cloth so as not to scratch it.

Did you know ? Pure gold does not oxidize and remains intact, even in contact with water!

#2: My jewelry has tarnished
Even stored in its box, a jewel can tarnish. To make your jewelry shine, soak it for an hour in a bath made up of lukewarm water and a few drops of white vinegar. Then, rub your jewelry with a chamois leather or a microfiber cloth. If you don’t have one, soak a cotton ball in household alcohol and gently rub your jewelery (in yellow gold only).

Did you know ? Silver jewelry tarnishes due to a process, silver sulfidation. Indeed, the oxygen present in the air settles on the surface of your jewelry over time and tarnishes it.

#3: My diamonds have lost their luster
You can clean your diamonds by immersing them in a bath of soapy water or baking soda for an hour. Then brush the diamonds with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

However, do not use baking soda for your gold jewelry, as it is too corrosive.

#4 How do I remove scratches from my jewelry?
Jewelry is particularly sensitive to various shocks. To get rid of scratches, all you have to do is take your jewelry to a professional jewelry store. Because by rubbing or polishing your jewelry yourself, you risk scratching it even more or wearing down the metal even more.

#5: How to clean jewelry with dirty stones?
You will only need two items: a toothbrush with soft bristles and moistened toothpaste. Then, gently rub your jewel with a soft cloth.

How to untangle a tangled chain?
Simply by pouring cooking oil on your chain then rubbing it between your hands to make the oil penetrate.

How do I protect my jewelry over the long term?
For your silver jewellery, a bath of baking soda, hot water and salt from time to time is an excellent way to protect them from sulphidation and oxidation.
Be careful not to let them soak for more than five minutes!

Avoid sleeping with your jewelry on at the risk of damaging or breaking them
Store your jewelry well in suitable boxes or small pouches
Do not exercise with your jewelry because perspiration accelerates the oxidation of your jewelry
Take off your jewelry when you put cream


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