Au Coeur des Sens offers a unique massage protocol that balances the three structural dimensions of the human body – Kernews – La Baule +

Au Coeur des Sens offers a unique massage protocol that balances the three structural dimensions of the human body - Kernews - La Baule +

Metaphorical massage through the five elements, created by Charline Burban, is the result of several years of work and a world tour of the best massage schools. Her thesis, validated by the director of the French School of Kinesiology, also allowed Charline to become a trainer in this field. This massage has its roots in kinesiology and the concept of the Triangle of Health which takes into account the three dimensions of the body: structural (anatomical), biochemical (physiological) and mental (psychological). Charline Burban has not finished surprising us: a qualified beautician for seventeen years, she was a gold medalist at the Olympiades de Bretagne and many Baulois know her since she was at the head of an institute in La Baule-les-Pins. Last year, she opened her expert well-being center, Au Coeur des Sens, avenue Lajarrige: “I fell in love with this place. We are in the heart of a family district, we find all generations, we can park easily, but it is above all a very Feng Shui place, perpendicular to the sea, and the energies are excellent. »

It is important to find this global state and kinesiology represents these three dimensions

Wellness encompasses many disciplines. Charline reminds us that in kinesiology, we deal with the mind, the touch and the biochemical, in this case food. The center meets the expectations of all those, men, women or children, who need to work on these dimensions: “It is first and foremost the fruit of millennia of research and transmission of knowledge. Until the last century, doctors took care of all this and a real doctor asked his patient about his diet and his lifestyle. Today, we distinguish between body, mind and food. Western medicine has broken that link. It is important to find this global state and kinesiology represents these three dimensions. »

Charline has been a kinesiologist for five years, she practices “health through touch” and is specialized in craniosacral kinesiology. She works on all the bones of the skull, the spine and the sacrum: “The goal is to listen well to the bone breathing. If the bones move well, there is a balance of health. When the bones move a little less well, there is undoubtedly a problem with functioning. And when the bones no longer move, there is a part of us that no longer functions. My goal is to bring these bones back to life to allow the body to regain its full functioning potential.”

There are three dimensions: structural (anatomical), biochemical (physiological) and mental/emotional (psychological)

Charline went further by working on a new massage: Metaphorical Massage: “It’s a new treatment protocol. There are three dimensions: structural (anatomical), biochemical (physiological), and mental/emotional (psychological). When the triangle is equilateral, energy flows optimally. Everything that we experience in our life can come to unbalance this triangle. The Metaphorical Massage will allow us to balance this triangle through different elements: the structural, through massage by touch, the emotional, through the metaphor of the five elements and the five wounds of Lise Bourbeau’s childhood, the biochemical, through the water which will bring information to the body and I bring a fourth dimension with the energy through the work of visualization, intention and chakras… My Massage is an experience to live and the protocol is unique and unpublished. We can accompany the client in the maintenance and balance of health. »

Charline Burban will now train professionals

Charline Burban will now train professionals, going two days a month to Paris at Isis Group Academie. She also opened a micro-school in La Baule to transmit this protocol and the other massage protocols that she learned directly in each country: Balinese massage, Thai foot reflexology, traditional Thai massage, Chinese drainage, massage pregnant woman… These are very comprehensive training courses that are 100% covered as part of professional training: “This concerns health professionals who want to have this additional dimension, such as physiotherapists or osteopaths, people who already work in aesthetics, people who are preparing for a professional retraining, but also individuals who want to have the basics”.

The Au Coeur des Sens center offers many massages, treatments, but also micro peeling, an effective treatment to beautify and change the skin by smoothing it and eliminating all blackheads and pigment spots thanks to the spraying of microcrystals of diamonds. Body radiofrequency also makes it possible to instantly reduce a localized fatty volume and face radiofrequency makes it possible to recreate a dermal mattress and lift all the tissues of the face. A real rejuvenation cure! In addition, facial treatments are directly inspired by aesthetic medicine. Charline extends her offer by welcoming a naturopath: “It is important to lose weight, but it is above all important to know the cause: is it hormonal? Is it stress? Or is it learning to eat a balanced diet? “. Since the health crisis, there has been a real awareness to take care of oneself, and, on the occasion of Christmas, two offers are offered: a naturopathic session is offered for the purchase of a cure of 45 minutes (2 zones) of six radiofrequency sessions. “I wanted to offer this offer from November, until the end of the year, because it can be an opportunity to take care of yourself before the holidays. It’s also a great gift idea for Christmas…” adds Charline. Second offer: the discovery of Metaphorical Massage with a 20% reduction because giving a massage at Christmas is always a wonderful gift. This young woman, passionate about the magic of the human body, enthusiastic and rigorous, already has a loyal clientele: “When I work with a mother, very soon after, I receive the husband and the children, because they have seen that there has been a change. Kinesiology is also giving the person the choice to take control of their life…”

At the Heart of the Senses, 52 avenue Lajarrige in La Baule. Such. 02 40 60 18 23. Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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