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Fleurance nature is a French brand, which has been manufacturing natural and organic products for almost 50 years. These products are beneficial for health, but also for the environment. The experience and know-how of the brand are demonstrated through beautiful ranges of well-being and beauty products. Products to find, discover or rediscover in this superb Fleurance nature advent calendar.

Fleurance nature is a French brand, born in the Gers, in 1972. Pioneer and leader of organic, offering healthy products, without pesticides, without chemical additives. It is by starting with royal jelly that the brand proves its worth and continues with care, cosmetics, beauty and well-being products. A fine range of organic products, some of which are to be discovered or rediscovered in the beautiful and large Advent calendar.

fleurance-nature-advent-calendar-2022The Advent calendar is sober and elegant, dark red, almost burgundy, with white and gold patterns. The graphics are rather round and soft, modern and charming. The box opens in two, like a book, offering, again, a nice visual. The twenty-four boxes to open bear the same white and gold patterns as the cover. Windows of different sizes, and mixed, with fairly large numbers, which do not merge more or less with the drawings, for a subtle whole.

The first box hides a 50ml tube of mild shampoo with witch hazel and wheat proteins. A biodegradable and gentle formula to bring strength and shine to the hair, while respecting the scalp. The shampoo is suitable for all hair types, and even for children from 3 years old.

Behind the second flap are two sachets of the winter infusion, with eucalyptus, thyme, lemon, cinnamon and clove. A perfect infusion for the season, to soothe the throat and stimulate the natural defences, especially with cinnamon and clove which contribute to the good health of the respiratory tract.

A small 20g soap, with shea butter, is to be discovered behind the third window. A soap with a fresh scent, suitable for the skin of the whole family, for daily hygiene, gently, with shea butter. The formula is soft, with a creamy foam and offers a fragrance full of freshness, very pleasant.

The fourth window reveals a 30ml tube of orange blossom hand cream. A creamy and melting organic cream, non-greasy, which does not remain on the hands, but really penetrates the epidermis. The fragrance is subtle and pleasant, for this practical format to take everywhere!

In the fifth box, it is a lip pencil, in full size format, which is to be found. A red pencil, to draw and outline perfect lips, with a soft and silky texture. An intense and perfect color, for the holidays to come…

A 15ml tube of moisturizing serum with rose floral water is to be discovered behind window number 6. An organic formula that combines three rose extracts, helping to fight against external aggressions suffered on a daily basis. The skin is thus freed from toxins and protected from pollution.

A second shampoo hides in the seventh box. A 50ml tube of argan shampoo, which is fortifying and nourishing. A solution for dry hair, enriched with argan oil, for its nourishing and moisturizing power. The fragrance is delicate and very pleasant to find after the treatment.

Behind the eighth shutter are two sachets of organic detox infusion, with rosemary, peppermint, anise, burdock and nettle. Sachets to infuse in hot water, to savor a beneficial drink, with the good taste of anise, which promotes elimination and detoxification, supports good digestion and contributes to clear skin.

The ninth window hides a second small 20g soap, with orange blossom and shea butter. To be applied on wet skin, the soap foams and offers plenty of softness. It cleans and nourishes the skin, leaving it delicately silky and scented. The practical format makes it easy to carry, for a weekend or vacation.

Box number 10 contains a 50ml tube of moisturizing body milk with rose floral water. A fluid and light texture, very pleasant to apply, on the body, for hydrated and soothed, nourished and protected skin. An effective milk, for all skin types, that will please.

advent-calendar-fleurance-nature-2022-openA new 30ml tube of hand cream is to be discovered behind the eleventh window. A light and fragrant cream, neither greasy nor sticky, to take care of your hands, before the holidays and during the winter. A gentle formula for hydrated, supple and soothed skin.

The twelfth part reveals an eye pencil, in shade 02 gray. A vegan and organic pencil, made of wood from sustainably managed forests. The formula is natural, soft, based on coconut oil and carnauba wax, for a long hold, which will intensify the eyes.

The thirteenth box hides a 15ml tube of moisturizing cream with rose floral water. A face cream with long-lasting hydration and anti-pollution action. Its texture is pleasant, light and non-sticky, for an effective and pleasant action.

Behind the fourteenth window is a 50ml tube of verbena and bergamot shower gel. An organic formula, for this very soft and lightly scented cleansing base, which will bring a touch of very pleasant freshness. An equally practical format, easy to take with you.

Two sachets of fat-burning infusion are to be discovered and tasted, behind the fifteenth part. A welcome organic infusion, before hearty holiday meals, for lipid degradation and weight control. The blend of mate, green tea and green coffee that stimulates the destocking of fat.

A third 30ml tube of hand cream with tiare flower can be found in the sixteenth box. Again, the formula is organic, comfortable and light, to perfectly moisturize the skin for the coming winter. A practical format, which will go perfectly in the handbag!

Box number seventeen contains a third small 20g soap, with almond and shea butter. An organic product, for the whole family, to provide clean and soft skin. The delicate mousse leaves a pleasant almond scent, a gourmet pleasure and will please!

The eighteenth section hides a 50ml bottle of micellar cleansing water with rose floral water. An organic solution, for sensitive skin, to be applied morning and evening, with the help of a cotton pad, on the entire face, without rinsing. A fresh and light lotion, for clean and purified, clear and radiant skin.

Behind the nineteenth window is a 50ml tube of citrus and white flower shower gel. A soft formula, with a flowery and fruity fragrance, evoking a beautiful sunny day. A delicate and creamy foam, which offers a real moment of pleasure, as well as a soft, chewable skin.

A pencil for the eyes, black, is to be discovered in the twentieth box. Make-up to enhance the eyes, with an organic and vegan formula, natural and soft, pleasant to apply and wear.

advent-calendar-fleurance-nature-2022-organic-productsSpace number 21 reveals two sachets of Christmas tea. An organic infusion that smells of spices and quickly brings back the end of the year celebrations. A blend of rooibos, cinnamon, ginger, coriander, cardamom, star anise, cloves and orange zest that offers a tasty drink to enjoy.

The twenty-second window offers a new 30ml tube of vanilla hand cream. While the penultimate box reveals a new 50ml tube of rose and jasmine shower gel. Two organic products, practical in their travel format, and pleasant to use and apply.

Finally, the last box, the twenty-fourth, in a different color, reveals a 3.5g lipstick, shade 312. A soft red, with perfect coverage and good hold, which offers soft and sublimated lips. A formula enriched with argan oil protects the lips while beautifying them.

The Fleurance nature Advent calendar is a beautiful box, very complete, whose boxes open quite easily and whose products hold well and can be removed without effort. A nice range of care, beauty and health products, to take care of yourself, before the holidays, treat yourself or yourself by offering it, or by sharing certain products. A great discovery, with 24 certified organic products, for a very reasonable box.

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