The 5 best coloring ideas to try this winter

couleur cheveux tendance 2023 brun doré

New years are a time for new beginnings, and one of the best ways to feel completely renewed is to try a different hair color. Whether you’re just looking to refresh your current style or want a fresh new look, 2023 offers plenty of options when it comes to trending winter hair color. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites that are currently trending on social media and are set to explode in the coming year. Between blondes, brunettes, auburns and bright colors, there really is something for everyone. And we’ve included tips for the best ways to pull off and maintain these 2023 hair color trends.

Trendy hair color fall-winter 2022-2023: Golden brown

hair color trend 2023 golden brown

In the coming months you will likely see a shift towards warm, natural brown tones. Celebrities like Hailey Bieber have moved away from blonde in favor of golden brown tones like this. Although this color looks like a simple brown, it looks brighter and more expensive thanks to the almost invisible high and low lights. The most popular brown tones will have golden and honey highlights throughout and adding a few highs and lows will make it look brighter than a single flat color.

Warm tones also help warm up your skin tone. If the darker color is putting you off, you can always incorporate warmer, golden highlights to lighten the shade. Colorists advise those with naturally paler skin to avoid going too dark.

Hair color trend winter 2022-2023: shades of warm red and red

trendy red hair color winter 2023

Gorgeous shades of red have been popping up on Instagram and Tiktok, and this trend isn’t going to stop there. What’s great about red is its versatility. From strawberry blonde to deep auburn, there’s a shade for every skin tone, and you can expect to see them all in 2023. For winter, expect an abundance of deep, warm reds, evoking vibes comforters that we all need on cold days.

Caramel blond for fall-winter 2022-2023

caramel blonde balayage trend 2023

This caramel blonde trend is a great way to bring warm tones into a classic faded look, regardless of the base haircut. The golden tones are slightly darker, like “toasted caramel”. The warmer tones make this the perfect blonde option for winter, and it will warm up your complexion even in the cold months. It is also an easy transition color from other shades of blonde. If you already have blonde highlights or a trendy caramel blonde balayage, you can keep the same placement and easily switch to this trendy color.

You can add richer and darker honey and gold tones to achieve a warm blonde. Adding gold to the formula will enrich the color and add more depth. What’s great about this color is that it can be created by making a full head of ‘baby lights’, playing around with existing color placement, or enhancing the color with a silver coin and pops of color on the ends – any trendy hairstyle will be highlighted!

Hair color trend winter 2023: hazelnut honey brown

trendy hazelnut brown coloring for women

Here is another hair color that brings brightness and softness to the mane. Subtle, shiny highlights and sun-kissed hair – one of the most flattering dyes for women with basic brown hair. But whatever winter hair color 2022-2023 you choose, it is essential to take care of your hair. Use products specially designed for colored manes and visit your hairdresser regularly!

Cherry Cola hair color for winter

cherry cola hair color 2023 woman hair color

The copper hair trend or strawberry blonde hair color are great options for people with naturally light hair or for those who aren’t afraid of maintaining a lighter color. But if you’re a brunette and want to partake in the red trend without fading, you can add darker red undertones and purple tones to your natural brown.

Combining deep red and purple tones can create a Cherry Cola look with mahogany tones that fall between red and purple. You will see that the depth of the brown stays the same, but the red sheen shines in the light. You can recreate this trend by adding pops of scarlet to dark brown hair. Try this trend with a temporary hair mask to see if you like it before completely dyeing your hair red.

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