5 reasons to crack!

5 reasons to crack!

Do you want to treat yourself and pamper your skin before the holidays? Discover 5 good reasons to fall for a beauty Advent calendar!

The beauty Advent calendar is 24 days of surprises!

Every day you will discover a new surprise, be it a beauty product, an accessory or a gift. It’s the best way to have fun every day while waiting for Christmas!

Advent calendars are made up of 24 boxes, each containing a little surprise.

The advantages of the Advent calendar are many:

  • it’s a good way to anticipate Christmas and get into the festive mood, while having fun every day;
  • This allows them to discover new products and try different ones before making their purchases;
  • This can be an opportunity to please someone else by giving them a nice gift.

A beauty Advent calendar to test new products without breaking the bank!

L’Oréal Paris – Advent Calendar 2022 – 24 Makeup, Face Care and Pr…



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BLISSIM – Make-up and Beauty Advent Calendar for Women Best sellers 2022 – From a …



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NIVEA Advent Calendar 2022, NIVEA Box containing 24 must-haves to wait until …



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2022 Beauty Advent Calendar, Women’s Makeup 24 Surprise Christmas Gifts for the V …



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Advent Calendar 2022 – Cottage – Shower Gels, Scrub Showers, Body Milks – 16 perfumes …



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ZMILE Cosmetics Beauty Advent Calendar ‘Cube’ Christmas Trees – Vegan Cosmetics …



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Do you want to treat yourself this holiday season, but you don’t want to ruin yourself? Fall for a beauty advent calendar ! This is the perfect opportunity to discover new products and test the latest innovations without breaking the bank.

The beauty advent calendars are made up of 24 or 25 mini-products:

  • facials;
  • from the body ;
  • hair…

There is something for all tastes and desires. It’s’ideal opportunity to find the perfect gift to give to a friend or to treat yourself.

In addition, by purchasing a beauty advent calendar, you are contributing to a good cause since some are developed through partnerships with charities. So don’t wait any longer and go for a beauty advent calendar!

Treat yourself to a beauty Advent calendar to discover new brands

The Advent calendars are a great way to discover new brands. This is the perfect opportunity to test new products and find favourites.
Advent calendars are a good way to familiarize yourself with the different types of products available on the market.
They can help you understand your likes and dislikes, which is essential for making informed choices when shopping for beauty products.

Advent calendars can be a great way to discover brands you never thought you’d try. If you’re open to trying something new, advent calendars are a great option. You might be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the products you’ll find in these calendars. In addition, the calendars offer a full range of productsmeaning you’ll likely have something to try for all skin types and makeup and body care preferences.

Treat yourself to an Advent calendar to spend a cocooning moment

A beauty Advent calendar is a great way to have fun while taking care of yourself. It is also a very beautiful object that can decorate your living room or bedroom.

Why fall for a beauty Advent calendar? Simply because it allows Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and relaxation in the middle of the holiday madness. Self-care is important, and this calendar is a great way to do that.

Every day, you will be entitled to a little surprise: a new product to discover, a facial or body treatment, a mini-massage… All in a festive and friendly atmosphere!

So don’t hesitate any longer and treat yourself to a beauty Advent calendar for this end of the year. You will not regret it !

Beauty Advent calendars are the guarantee of soft and radiant skin for the holidays!

Today, Advent calendars have evolved and become very popular and varied objects. These allow you to take care of yourself while looking forward to the holidays. Indeed, each day is associated with a different treatment: exfoliation, mask, moisturizer… In addition, the products contained in the Advent calendars are of high quality and from the best brands.

If you are looking for an original way to treat yourself while taking care of your skin, don’t hesitate to fall for a beauty advent calendar! Your skin will be soft and radiant to welcome the holidays with complete peace of mind.

The 5 most popular Advent calendars

You can find a large number of Advent calendars on sale before Christmas. We have made a selection of the most popular calendars to inspire you:

The Maybelline Advent Calendar

Maybelline is a particularly popular brand whose products are of good quality.

The Blissim Advent Calendar

Blissim offers a complete Advent calendar to enjoy yourself from head to toe!

BLISSIM – Makeup and Beauty Advent Calendar for Women Bestsellers 2022 – Worth 280€ – 24 Surprises from Big Brands to Discover …

  • THE CHEAPEST MULTI-BRAND CALENDAR ON THE MARKET: The one and only, you will never find a calendar with 24 DIFFERENT brands at such low prices
  • 280€ OF REAL VALUE: On the menu, cosmetics dedicated to the face and body, make-up and accessories for a total value of 280€!
  • 24 DAYS OF SURPRISES FOR YOUR BEAUTY: Fall for the beauty and make-up advent calendar and you will enjoy discovering 24 products full of magic to take care of yourself every day


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The La Provençale Organic Advent Calendar

This calendar features 24 certified organic full-size beauty products.

La Provençale Bio – Advent Calendar 2022 – Box of 24 Organic & Natural Products – Large Formats for Christmas – Accessories – Face & Body Care …

  • 24 iconic large format La Provençale Bio products: 8 make-up products, 8 face and body care products and 8 accessories for your daily beauty ritual
  • Discover day after day our essential organic skincare products such as Anti-Aging Youth Cream, our new exceptional make-up range and their accessories
  • Immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas with 24 large-format products for magical celebrations


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The Nivea Advent Calendar

Countdown to beauty with the 24 Nivea products to discover every day.

Oreal Advent Calendar

Discover 24 essential beauty products in your morning routine before Christmas. Hydrate your face, take care of your body with large format products. In addition, this box contains exclusively organic and natural brands.

Ritual Advent Calendar 2022

This year, Ritual offers us a luxurious 3D calendar to spend perfect cocooning afternoons.

RITUALS The Ritual Of Advent Exclusive 3D Calendar 2022 Advent Calendar Wrapped In Pretty Gift Wrap, 24 Cosmetic Beauty Surprises

  • Count down the days until Christmas by discovering a surprise each day and take time for yourself with this Advent calendar.
  • Wait until Christmas with the Advent Calendars each containing 24 surprises for 24 meaningful moments
  • The Advent Calendar is the perfect gift to give to a loved one or to treat yourself, and breathe the magic of Christmas into your daily life from December 1st.


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