Slimane has found the recipe… for hair

Slimane has found the recipe… for hair

A man – star of French song – who dares to release a natural hair product, is it natural these days? “The idea of ​​this brand is that, precisely, it is completely natural and that we no longer ask ourselves these questions.”, assures Slimane. indeed aims to become a line of natural hair – shampoo, balm, etc. – enriched with organic Nigella oil to enhance curly, frizzy or textured hair; respect their nature, the person who wears them and take care of sensitive scalps. This is his credo.

Its official launch will take place on November 16 and the hair line – whose star product is the Capillary Elixir – will be available exclusively from this same date in April perfumeries and/or on Or when the sensitivity of an artist goes into another area.

Slimane, complexed in his adolescence, had indeed trouble accepting himself. (which characterizes “the tribal side, family history with the idea that cousins ​​are not necessarily people who look alike but who love each other”) is therefore part of his process of self-acceptance. “Everyone finds it difficult to accept themselves, even more in the new generations, underlines the interpreter of “Viens we love each other” or even “Before you” (with Vitaa). Beyond the criteria of beauty, there is this impression of not looking like anyone and that always leaves traces…”

It is for this teenager that Slimane wanted to create “Because I believe that I am doing what I would have liked to have, me, younger… I do not have the pretension to tell people ‘Accept yourself’, because it is a very difficult path and staff. But, on the other hand, if you can be one of the keys that opens this door with multiple locks… that’s cool!”

Can we speak of a turning point in Slimane’s artistic career with the 33-year-old singer becoming an entrepreneur?

“I would not speak of career change but rather of plurality. And I have the impression of having always been an entrepreneur, since today I am my own producer. So I would rather say a desire to undertake other things and give themselves the right, above all, to do new things. I’m lucky to be part of a generation where people give themselves the right to do lots of different things. So give themselves the right to dreaming and undertaking is super important. Nothing separates, nothing parallels each other, just the right to do.”

Is it complementary?

“Completely! It’s also an art to be able to promote a brand in images. There is the desire to share a song but also grandmother’s recipes, sometimes. That’s also what qualifies me: the want to share.”

Why not give your name to your brand?

“Precisely so as not to have the first question you asked me (smile)! More sincerely, I believe very strongly in this brand and in our products. I found it almost insulting or rather inappropriate to put my first name, as if this brand needed support to be important. I am convinced that our products and the ideology of this brand are good. It did not need me…”

And why hair products?

“I didn’t want to create a brand and then know what products I was going to make. was a different path. I found myself in confinement like everyone else. And I suffer from psoriasis since I was little, mainly on the skull. And I usually soothe it with a recipe a bit from grandmother, based on Nigella oil. As I use it conscientiously, I notice that it has effect, not only on my itching but also on the quality of my hair. From there, I came up with the idea of ​​potentially releasing this recipe. I very quickly had the chance to be in contact with the Bogart expert group. I told them about this formula, they were won over and had it tested. And it received results like they had never received in thirty years! So the sequel came later with the idea of ​​an inclusive brand that speaks to everyone. This is how the universe of arrived little by little. It lacked a strong image in s the world of beauty cosmetics, about accepting who we are.”

Where does this love for ancestral recipes come from… do you like to cook?

“Yes, basically, I love it. But, above all, I deeply believe that there are many natural things on Earth that can heal a lot of things in us human beings. And that we have tended to wanting to transform everything… Things that were given to us naturally when the natural works well and it does no harm to the body, to who we are. that there is something good, otherwise they would not exist for a long time. A value that is more than sentimental but cultural. Humanity has ancestral secrets that it is important to keep and pass on from generation to generation. generation. It is perhaps my way of leaving a legacy of great recipes for my daughter and my future grandchildren.”

This desire for transmission is even more present since you became a dad?

“Yes, exactly. As it was passed down to me. It was passed down to me in a family bubble and I find it good to share with the world things that really work in the private sphere. Three years ago, the Nigella oil was not at all fashionable and life does things well… When we release our products, major studies are being done on this oil. So we are finally realizing its capacities and benefits.”

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