Top 10 beauty criteria for women around the world

Top 10 beauty criteria for women around the world

We’ve talked about beauty criteria together throughout history, and if you don’t remember, I’m a little upset because we had a great time (at least on my side). Today we are going to focus on feminine beauty criteria depending on the country, because not everyone has the same tastes. Besides, that doesn’t mean that in a country everyone likes the same criteria, eh, everyone has their own tastes.

1. The United States: excess

In the United States the perfect woman has a slender body, beautiful hair, large breasts, an athletic body and is therefore redone as a result. There is a huge increase in cosmetic surgery among the youngest with Snapchat filters as a model for facial surgery, which is still quite freaking out. But you have to look like the codes dictated by Hollywood or the Kardashians.

2. India: The big change

If the basic standard of beauty for women in India is a mixture of wide hips, generous breasts, black hair and a rather dark complexion, everything is changing because of one woman: Aishwarya Rai. This model considered the most beautiful woman in the country has a very fair complexion and green eyes, which is not really the norm in this beautiful country, and it gives a shit to all the other women. However India is also often recognized for advocating natural beauty, so we see a lot less surgical operations there than in some countries.

3. Brazil: the “guitar” silhouette

To put it simply: wide hips and buttocks, a super slim waist and a fairly generous chest. In Brazil, this “guitar” silhouette morphology is favored as opposed to the “hourglass” silhouette. I’m new to those terms, but you get the idea. The problem is that it increases the case of anorexia (for the size) and surgery (for the buttocks and the breasts). The manicure is also a must.

4. China: the cult of white skin

For many years, whiteness has been a sign of beauty (and wealth) in China, which is why women protect themselves from the sun’s rays with umbrellas. We also don’t hesitate to over-make up or spread creams that discolor the skin, products that are not at all good for your health as you can imagine. Oh and there’s also the cult of little feet or “lotus feet”, which meant that for centuries women were forced to bind their feet to prevent them from growing taller.

5. England: greatness and thinness

Height, thinness and golden skin: in short, the European model standard. So we don’t go with the back of the spoon on the tubes of self-tanner because in London it’s not the best place to tan. It’s stupid all these barriers that we put because of the standards of fashion.

Photo credits (CC BY 2.0): Darkness Blackheart from Mystery Babylon, Infinita

6. Japan: youth / infantilization

The Japanese standard of beauty is rather disgusting since it pushes the sliders of youth so that women look childish. Two surgical operations are then in force: to have the eyes debrided so that they are larger (and stick to the female models in the manga) or outright to have the teeth operated so that they are no longer straight, because apparently crooked teeth look like a child. And then dress up as a schoolgirl and talk in a very small voice. Scary.

7. Iran: it’s all in the face

Since the women of Iran wear the hijab we should focus mainly on the visible parts of the face, namely the eyes and the nose. This is why eye makeup is used so much in the country, but it is above all the nose that is highlighted, even if it means going through surgical operations, since Iran is the country in the world with the highest rhinoplasty rate. However, it should be remembered that in this country women are fighting to no longer wear the hijab.

8. Colombia: surgery, surgery

In Colombia we assume that we have the most beautiful women in the world, with standards such as plump breasts and buttocks, tanned complexion, long black hair with volume, slim waist and all the mess. To reach this level, the country has become the one with the highest rate of cosmetic surgery in the world, and in addition to the body, women must also prepare themselves with manicures and make-up.

9. France: the “pretty ugly”

Obviously for foreigners in France we would like the concept of “pretty ugly” (a word found in several English articles, I’m not making it up), which means that we would like women with style without necessarily having a body and a face that obeys traditional standards and apparently the example that stands out on the internet is Charlotte Gainsbourg. There you go, do what you want with it.

10. Mauritania: obesity

In Mauritania, we seek above all to advocate obesity as the main standard of beauty, because it is above all a sign of wealth. In order to achieve significant weights, women do not hesitate to eat large quantities of food but also to take drugs that are given to animals to fatten them up. And yes, as you can imagine all this is clearly bad for your health.


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