Which foundation to choose after 60 to combine perfect coverage and a natural finish?

Which foundation to choose after 60 to combine perfect coverage and a natural finish?

From the age of 25, our skin begins to reduce its collagen production. The result ? Wrinkles and fine lines invade the face, especially the forehead and around the eyes and lips. To delay the appearance of the signs of aging as much as possible, it is therefore essential to adopt a beauty ritual adapted to your age and skin type. Hence the importance of choosing the right care products. Make-up side? Between foundation, eye shadow and lipstick, we do not always know what to choose to sublimate ourselves without marking our imperfections. It is quite common to hear that after the sixties, the foundation is to be banned. But is this really the case? Deavita.fr make-up artists tell you which foundation to choose after 60 to combine perfect coverage and a natural look!

Foundation at 60 or over: Yes or no?

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From the age of 50, can you still wear foundation? The answer is yes ! But not just any. As the years pass, our skin ages and changes in appearance. It therefore becomes difficult to find a product that will highlight it. The goal ? Hide brown spots, camouflage dark circles under the eyes, hide wrinkles and fight against imperfections without showing it. The right gesture after the fifties? The Deavita.fr experts are unanimous on this: From the age of 50, we change our foundation while keeping this step in our makeup routine entirely.

Makeup for the complexion after 60

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It doesn’t matter if you’re 40, 50 or 60, preparing your complexion before applying makeup is crucial. When moving from one age group to another, the skin does not necessarily have the same skin problems as at 20 years old. To plump up the face and give it a boost of radiance, make way for hydration! We therefore choose a pearly moisturizer before applying our foundation. Keeping skin hydrated helps foundation blend in better, our makeup artists say.

Which foundation to choose at 60 or over?

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In order not to go wrong with your foundation after your sixties, favor fine, fluid and moisturizing textures. The idea is to sublimate the complexion, rather than opting for total coverage, which only weighs down makeup and marks wrinkles. It is therefore better to opt for a multi-function product, capable of pampering mature skin. Then go for foundations that treat age-related imperfections: loss of radiance, lack of elasticity, skin pigmentation, fine lines, etc.

A moisturizing foundation – the best foundation at 60

As you have probably understood, after 60, you have to choose a foundation that is both moisturizing and luminous, and preferably lighter than darker in your complexion. In this context, pay attention to the undertone. There are three: rosé, beige and neutral. To determine which one is right for you, look at your veins. If they are bluish, opt for a pink undertone. If yours are green, choose a gold or neutral undertone. In addition to being comfortable to wear during the day, the fluid and hydrating formulas are also very beneficial for the mature skin of older women.

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Which concealer and powder to choose after 60?

The choice of concealer and powder is just as important to ensure you look flawless after your 60s. Thus, our experts recommend investing in a concealer in pink tones for fair skin, in peach tones for medium skin and in an orange corrector for dark skin. On the powder side, bronzing powder is completely permitted, provided it is used very lightly. Ditto for the highlighter.

Small shopping list to find the best foundation at 60

what foundation after 60 how to choose woman makeup mature skin wrinkles

Here are the best foundations for mature skin to shop for good makeup after your sixties. Rest assured, there is something for all skin types.

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow – the lighter choice

best foundation after 60 mature skin women anti-aging makeup

Dior Forever Matte for mature and oily skin

what foundation for 50-year-old women mature skin oily trend anti-aging makeup

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate for dry skin

best foundation for women over 60 mature skin dry wrinkles anti-aging makeup routine

MAC Cosmetics Strobe Cream Pearl Moisturizer

what foundation to choose at 50 how to wear makeup after 60 women

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

how to choose your foundation woman mature skin wrinkles anti aging make-up 60 years

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