5 beauty secrets to be radiant from head to toe

5 beauty secrets to be radiant from head to toe

How many times have you gotten up on the wrong foot, dragging your grief through the day? Don’t answer, we know it’s incalculable… What if you put this unpleasant feeling away? Here are our wellness tips for mornings that sing.

1. Appropriate care for healthy hair

Concretely, we use a nourishing and moisturizing care shampoo once or twice a week. To be sure you’re getting a good shampoo, make sure it contains glycerin to regulate moisture balance, DL-Panthenol for hydration, and glucose/fructose to lock in moisture and provide conditioning. feeling of softness.

After the shampoo, make way for a repairing mask. The idea is to strengthen the hair fiber by fortifying and nourishing it. We love the masks from System Professional, made with hydrolyzed keratin, which restores the hair structure from within, optimized quartenium compounds, which fill and smooth damaged areas, and amino acids, which nourish and protect. Perfect for damaged, brittle, chemically treated and sensitized hair.

In general, all System Professional products rely on cutting-edge science to treat the specificities of each hair type, regenerate the hair fiber from the core and therefore offer the best of transformative hair care. Example with the Lipid Booster, the brand’s flagship product. Because lipids are like the cement that binds together the building blocks of keratin, Lipid Booster builds a protective barrier around the hair, providing up to 9 times more hair protection against daily wear and tear.

Her miracle recipe? A LipidCode™ complex that replenishes lipids to regenerate hair, malic acid that conditions and restructures hair, and squalane that conditions hair. Ideal for damaged, very damaged, bleached and highlighted hair.

2. Sleep well, the secret of well-being

And yes, the morning begins the evening! Of course, we avoid going to bed too late, but we also avoid sleeping too much. It is generally considered that a restorative sleep is established between 7h and 9h of sleep. And to help you fall asleep, we don’t hesitate to leave the screens outside the bedroom.

3. Get up earlier to stay zen

To avoid starting your day like in a time trial, you remember to get up a bit more early. The ideal is to have an hour and a half in front of you before leaving. If you had the good idea to switch your laptop to airplane mode during the night, continue in this way until you leave. Mails, notifications and other bad news from the world can wait a few minutes.

4. Exercise to stay toned

To evacuate the tensions of the day before and fill up with good energy, nothing like a little physical exercise. The idea is to stretch gently. It could be a sun salutation, Pilates, stretching or light cardio exercises if you have machines at home (or if you want to get some fresh air)

5. Eat a good breakfast To fill up on energy

We know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For a breakfast with small onions, make sure to combine carbohydrates (wholemeal bread, muesli, etc.), fruit and proteins (a slice of ham, an egg, cottage cheese, etc.). In terms of drinks, we focus on real hydration. In other words, water, tea or Coffee rather than fruit juice.

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