I TESTED FOR YOU: crystal therapy and pranatherapy, two energy treatments by a certified therapist, Véronique Jaouen

I TESTED FOR YOU: crystal therapy and pranatherapy, two energy treatments by a certified therapist, Véronique Jaouen

It is now in Varennes-le-Grand that Véronique Jaouen, certified in pranatherapy and crystal therapy, has settled since September 2022. A stone’s throw from Chalon, we were not going to miss the opportunity to talk to you about it concretely.

Generous smile and sincere availability, Véronique Jaouen, invites me to enter her office in the Teora space.

But before telling you more, let’s admit it straight away: at the end of the first treatment, the crystal therapy, I was quite amazed. Hence my desire to try pranatherapy, the therapist’s second area of ​​expertise.

Do you have to believe in energy healing to benefit from its effects? Well, in fact, no. It is the therapist who knows and feels the energy, its exchanges, its circulation or its stagnation. But more importantly: he learned to master some of the many ancestral knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Indian medicine (Ayurveda) which consider that we have a physical body, but also an energetic body that nourishes and protects it. These two bodies being intimately linked, when one is defective, the other is also. Hence the importance, for our health in the broad sense – physical, mental and emotional – that energy circulates harmoniously.

What is crystal therapy?

Trained at the European school of crystal therapy in Alsace, Véronique Jaouen had herself experienced its beneficial effects on her health and well-being at a time, almost 10 years ago, when her body was multiplying the signals of ‘alarm.

“This method uses the magnetism of crystals to rebalance energies through the meridians,” she explains. The therapist is like a mechanic who will make adjustments. In energy healing, this is called “reharmonizing”. The treatment begins with a cleansing of the negative energies that prevent the fluidity of energy circulation in our body, then a rebalancing. »

Why would certain chakras be deficient? There are many reasons for this: “Stress, annoyances, negative thoughts disturb the good circulation of energy; the accumulation is expressed even in the physical body by pain or illness. When a chakra is saturated by used energies, it no longer plays its role and no longer absorbs vital energy; the organs that depend on it are no longer supplied, and physical disorders set in. By reharmonizing, we allow the physical body to regain its self-healing abilities. »

What is a crystal therapy session like?

The interview that begins the session allows the person to evoke the reason that brings him: it can be recent or chronic pain, physical or emotional.

It is also possible to come without determining a specific problem, the therapist then performs what I would call “a review” to extend Véronique’s comparison. In my case, I didn’t target anything.

The therapist invites me to sit comfortably. No particular dress is required, but we avoid wearing crystals, silk and leather, crossing arms, legs or feet. Crystal therapy, like pranatherapy, requires no physical contact. During the treatment, which lasts approximately 1 hour – a duration “variable according to the state of the person’s energies” Véronique nuance – the practitioner follows the course of the meridians equipped, in the right hand, with a small crystal pendulum, and ‘a bigger one in the shape of a fat pencil in the other. Its concentration is total, it agitates the pendulum sometimes in a direction, sometimes in the other, according to whether the energy must be cleaned or on the contrary sent. The therapist thus goes through the whole body by multiplying the movements, sometimes insisting on certain areas, and choosing the protocol adapted to your terrain.

At the end of the treatment, Véronique presents me with a board “The wheel of the seasons” from TCM (which we will not detail here) and explains to me: “In all the meridians that I tested, each time c It is the same meridian which appeared deficient: that which corresponds to the kidneys and the bladder, and to the winter season. Then she shows me, on the board, the emotion associated with this meridian.

That’s where I’m quite amazed, because if I don’t know anything about the concordance season-organ of the body-quality and emotion, on the other hand I know only too well my Achilles’ heel… and it is precisely that -the.

To work further on this imbalance, we agree a few days later on a pranatherapy session.


Those who practice yoga know it: in India, “Prana” is the breath, the vital energy. The amount of prana a person has would determine how quickly their body heals.

“I discovered this practice later, it is very powerful, explains Véronique Jaouen. I trained here, in Burgundy, with energy therapist JC. Wecker and I use it for certain targeted problems. »

The practitioner then sheds light on its origin:

“It was Master Choa Kok Sui, a chemical engineer of Chinese origin who, after 40 years of research, developed and synthesized pranatherapy. He taught this practice all over the world”

Here again, a whole protocol is put in place aimed at increasing the vital force in the affected areas.

And to illustrate her point, Véronique evokes the case of a woman suffering from an inflammation of the eye, who posted the following notice:

“I have suffered from blepharitis for several years, I consulted 3 ophthalmologists who prescribed me drops and antibiotics which were never effective; I suffered continuously day and night and my morale suffered greatly; I contacted Véronique Jaouen who succeeded, after several treatments, in eliminating the pain and the oozing; I do a treatment every 3 months and I finally live again! »

Note that both pranatherapy and crystal therapy are complementary practices to conventional medicine and do not replace your treatment. No medical diagnosis is established.

By Nathalie Dunand
[email protected]

Energy treatments: Crystal therapy and Pranatherapy
Contact: Véronique Jaouen – Tel. : 06 70 93 22 20
Location: Espace Teora
23 b, rue du 8 mai 1945 – 71240 Varennes-le-Grand
Prices :
Face-to-face: from €55
Remotely: from €50

For further :
European School of Crystal Therapy https://www.cristallotherapie-eec.fr/
Training in Pranatherapy: JC WECKER https://www.jcwecker-therapeute.com

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