The Gershkovich method, the anti-aging oral massage practiced by Meghan Markle

The Gershkovich method, the anti-aging oral massage practiced by Meghan Markle

At the start of her relationship with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle helped popularize face sculpting around the world. Asked about her perfect skin, the Duchess of Sussex admitted to being, like Kate Moss, a follower of this anti-aging technique which consists of massaging the face, but also the inside … of the mouth. A somewhat surprising, even destabilizing approach, we agree. The good news is that to erase your wrinkles, facialists don’t just make you say “Haaaaa” like at the dentist. A new anti-ageing gesture, the intra-oral massage is only one of the facets of these “new generation” facial treatments. A formidable weapon for anti-botox or for those who, between two aesthetic medicine sessions, wish to use more natural techniques, is this ultra-personalized approach on the way to supplanting so-called intrusive treatments?

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The Gershkovich method

Trained by Yakov Gershkovich, a Russian osteopath considered the inventor of Face Sculpting, Paola Bruzzese is one of the few Belgians to have real expertise in the field. Creator of Sculpted Face Rejuvenation, the name she gave to her own method, the anti-aging expert has long believed in the effectiveness of these neo-care products. I started to get interested in it about five years ago, but my fascination with massages is much older. It was by massaging myself when I was going through a very stressful period of my life that I became aware of the potential of this approach, she specifies.

In a salon or at home, this mix of muscle stretching and oral massage can redefine the volumes of the face, tone it and strengthen the facial muscles. And as it promotes oxygenation of the face, it also improves the quality of the skin.she says.

Put in condition

A session of this type lasts approximately one hour., says Paola Bruzzese who, alongside her own practice, has developed massage routines adapted to products from the Belgian brand Delbove. Proof of the growing enthusiasm of the public, but also of cosmetic brands for this type of approach which puts manual gestures and natural techniques at the center of the debate. When consulted to solve a specific problem, the facialist recommends a cure of six sessions spaced a maximum of two weeks apart. At the start of each appointment, I start with a skin analysis. I also ask the person about their beauty routine, the quality of their sleep and their diet. In the case of an ultra-personalized treatment like the one I developed, knowing the stress factors is essential. The skin is indeed the reflection of our emotions. Skin under stress will shrink. Expression and age lines will be more marked. So I start each session with a breathing ritual, ideal for giving the person confidence, then with a few simple maneuvers that will encourage letting go.

In the heart of the matter

No care without deep cleaningr, recalls the facialist. This step helps to prepare the skin, but above all to detect muscular and emotional tensions that could hinder the effectiveness of the treatment. To promote relaxation before starting the actual massage, I then rinse the face with a hot towel. The massage part (internal and external) based on an oil adapted to the specificities of the face lasts between 40 and 50 minutes. In some cases, I use
beauty tools like Gua Sha stone, jade roller or rose quartz mask. The most important thing for a facialist is to identify the specificities of each face.

The Gua sha stone is, for example, not very suitable for a thin and angular face. If more and more women and men are turning to this type of care to replace injections of hyaluronic acid or botox or to reduce the frequency of their visits to the aesthetic doctor, Paola Bruzzese recalls the importance of entrusting her face to a well-trained practitioner. After an injection session, you have to wait between one and five months before performing a deep massage. And we don’t massage acne-prone skin either, warns the expert who also insists on the importance of self-massage at home between two sessions.
Without pressure and without feeling guilty if you can’t find the time to do it, she concludes. What if, basically, the new generation of anti-aging begins with our ability to finally release the pressure?

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