the In & Out brands, which take care of us

the In & Out brands, which take care of us

Holistic beauty erected into an art of living: the In & Out brands, which take care of us Getty Images

The return of autumn, a decisive period for strained skin and morale, is an opportunity to focus on your well-being. A holistic approach to our health contributes to this. To put it into practice, holistic cosmetic brands accompany us. Beyond beauty, they advocate an art of living that no longer separates appearance and emotions.

The term holistic is now part of everyday language, but do you really know what it means? Relative to the theory of holism, the holistic approach consists in taking an interest in an object as a whole (holos in Greek translates as whole). In other words, in the world of beauty and well-being, it is no longer just a matter of taking care of one’s appearance, but of reconnecting outer and inner beauty. Physical health, nutrition, spirituality, or even the environment, are all pillars of the holistic approach that invites us all to reach our perfect point of balance.

Accompany your beauty gestures with a positive intention

In holistic beauty, it is essential to create a real beauty routine with a positive intention. The first step for this is to take a benevolent look at yourself. Do not focus on your dark circles, but rather on your radiant hair or your peach complexion. In a word, appreciate your qualities rather than devaluing yourself by fixing on your faults. Finally, when you take care of yourself by spreading your moisturizer, stay focused on the moment and remember why you are doing these actions.

Among the beauty rituals to adopt to do you good with a global approach to care, do not neglect your hair! Brands like System Professional, luxury hair care backed by science, guide us on the path to inner beauty.

Ritualize your beauty treatments for even more efficiency

First of all, System Professional offers you to draw up a complete assessment of the nature and health of your hair to establish a personalized routine. Among the brand’s ranges, you will find targeted treatments to set up a beauty routine In & Out.

  • Start with a cleansing and moisturizing shampoo whose role will be to soothe and protect your scalp. Focusing on the present moment, apply it to damp hair, massaging your scalp with your fingertips. Our recommendation: The Balance Shampoo System Professional
  • Follow this beauty ritual with a mask to intensely nourish the scalp. This treatment prolongs the shampoo by applying to damp hair with massage until completely absorbed and guarantees deep hydration. Take your time then rinse after 5 to 10 min. You can even reinforce the treatment with Infusion Repair, the aim of which is to reconstitute and strengthen damaged hair. Our recommendation: Balance System Professional Mask
  • Continue with an enriching treatment that will act as well on the hair, the scalp, the fiber and the texture. Divide hair into 3-4 sections then apply 3-5 pumps to each section from root to tip. Style without rinsing. Our recommendation: Extra Alpha Energy, System Professional

Do not hesitate to perfect this hair care routine by visiting a System Professional salon. Professionals will be able to guide you on the path to holistic beauty.


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