the solution to take care of your skin and hair while sleeping

the solution to take care of your skin and hair while sleeping

Continue to take care of your skin and hair while sleeping? This is possible by adopting a beauty accessory with multiple benefits: the silk pillowcase.

26 years is the number of years we spend to sleep on a lifetime scale. What if during this ¼ life, we take care of our skin and our hair from our bed? This is the promise that makes silk pillow cover. If during the day we accumulate beneficial cosmetic products for our beauty routine, at night it seems more difficult to take care of ourselves. And yet, if we dwell a great deal on the products to apply on our skin and on our hair, we think much less to what they are placed on.

The experts skincare elect from afar the silk pillowcase as being THE beauty “care” to adopt as soon as you slip into bed. Pet, scarf, charlotteWhere silk pillowcase, this fabric is in vogue. Coming from the silkworm, this natural material has many benefits for both hair and skin. By sharing his diaper with a silk pillowcase, you will observe effects in a flash. We reveal all the secrets of this beauty accessory essential to use without moderation at nightfall.

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What is silk?

Silk is a natural fiber of animal origin used in the manufacture of textile products. Silk fabrics are mainly derived from the cocoon produced by the caterpillar (called silkworm) of the mulberry moth for cultivated silk, and of the Tussah silkworm for wild silk. If it is often confused with satin, in reality, they have nothing to do. Indeed, if silk is a natural fibersatin is a weaving technique.

Silk pillowcase: the benefits for the hair

Unlike the multiple fabrics that caress your hair day and night, silk optimizes the health of your hair. It has multiple benefits:

  • Optimal hydration: silk is “hydrophobic”, unlike cotton or linen, silk does not absorb water and therefore does not dehydrate the hair. Stop cotton: by replacing your usual cotton with silk, your hair will no longer appear dry when you wake up.
  • Brilliant shine: since the silk does not drink the water from the hair fiber, the hair remains shiny. No more dull and dehydrated hair!
  • Anti-breakage, anti-fork, anti-fall: thanks to its extreme softness, the hair glides over the silk, limiting excessive friction. Your hair is therefore less damaged. Silk thus reduces breakage, split ends and hair loss.
  • An ally against frizz and “foamy” hair: silk fabrics are great allies for curly, frizzy or simply voluminous hair. The fibers of this fabric do not rub your hair. Thus preserved from this aggression, you can say goodbye to tangled and “foamy” hair in the morning.

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Silk pillowcase: the benefits for the skin

If silk has benefits for the hair, it does not neglect them the skin. And yes, silk is a 2-in-1 quality ally for the greatest pleasure of your hair, but also of your skin. Here is why it is considered a skincare ally.

  • Anti-wrinkles and fine lines: silk protein contains eighteen natural amino acids which greatly limit the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also avoids having the unsightly mark of the morning and the lines wrinkled by a deep night’s sleep.
  • Not absorbent: if fabrics such as linen or cotton tend to reduce the effectiveness of treatments (serums, masks, creams, eye contour, …) by absorbing moisture, on the contrary the pillowcase being hydrophobic , do not “drink” the care applied during your night beauty routine.
  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial : gentle on the epidermis, silk marvelously respects the sensitivity of fragile and reactive skin. To these hypoallergenic properties are added antibacterial virtues. Indeed, this natural material is useful for problem skin that is prone to pimples since it prevents the appearance of new imperfections.

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An expensive beauty accessory?

It didn’t escape you either, the silk pillow covers are certainly of high quality, but rather expensive ! And for good reason, presented as 2-in-1 beauty products that preserve the youth of the skin and take care of the hair, they are worth the expense and compete in effectiveness with other beauty products. However, on the market, you will find a wide range of prices. Watch out for low prices! Be sure to turn to a composition 100% pure and natural mulberry silk.

Indeed, faced with the popularity of this type of product, some brands have started to offer pillowcases made of silk, but not only… at low prices. However, once this precious material is mixed with other cheap materials to lower the price of the product, it loses its effectiveness. So jump at the chance if you find one on sale! The price also varies if you choose to turn to the unit product or by lot. Be careful, once again not to confuse a silk and satin pillowcase, the virtues are not comparable.

Mommes: an indicator of the quality of silk pillowcases

If the price varies so much from one pillowcase to another, it is also because of the moms. You have well noted that to define the quality of silk bed linen, we speak of “mommes”. The momme is a Japanese unit of measurement which makes it possible to evaluate the density of silk and thus define the quality of the fabric. The higher the mommes, the higher the price of the material, because concretely, this will result in:

  • A softer and more luxurious silk.
  • A more resistant and durable silk.
  • A floss compatible with intensive use.
  • A more opaque silk.

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How to maintain your silk pillowcases?

Silk accessories should not be washed in the same way as our regular fabric! And yes, the silk pillowcase requires delicacy and suitable products. We advise you to use a special silk detergent or a detergent for delicates. In addition, it is important not to dry your silk pillowcases in the dryer. This could damage them and shrink them. Do not bleach. This is an aggressive product that could damage the natural fibers of the silk. Finally, do not use fabric softener as this makes the material greasy and heavier. If it is entirely possible to wash your accessories in the washing machine, you can also wash them by hand.

Our product shopping selection

There are a multitude of silk accessories that benefit from the same benefits as silk pillowcases: opt for a scarf, a scrunchie, a face mask, a silk charlotte for dream skin and hair. How about swapping your usual fabric for silk? Silk pillowcases are on sale both online and in stores. You can choose their size, but also the colors. White, black, pink, silver or even gold, there is something for everyone. The editorial staff has concocted a selection of 3 quality silk pillowcases for restful sleep.

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Cloud White Rectangular Silk Pillowcase, Benu White

So, are we swapping our usual sleep for a restful and nourishing sleep with a silk pillowcase?

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