5 secrets to show off your gray hair |

5 secrets to show off your gray hair |

The process of coloring your hair changes with age. In your twenties you might have experimented with funky tints, while in your thirties you might have used a one-process dye to cover up some gray hair.

But over the past few decades, you’re likely to see more gray hair appear, and if you want to hide it (and that’s a huge “if”!), you need a new method. Enter: wicks. Highlights make it easy to fade gray hair because they don’t create a harsh line of demarcation like all-over color does when hair grows out. Read on to discover the hairstylists’ favorite tricks for enhancing gray hair. You’ll never have to wonder what to ask your hairdresser again.

Your natural color is good. ” The most flattering highlights look for a person would be to follow their natural pattern of lightness and depth, while keeping the hairline bold“, explains Janesa Morera. ” This technique gives the hair a natural look while remaining contemporary. »

If you stray from your natural look, you can expect a more thorough maintenance routine with more frequent salon visits.

You’ll also need to consider your other features when discussing highlights with your stylist. ” Each look should match natural hair, eye and skin color to be flattering“, adds Janesa Morera.

Gray hair is often thickest at the roots, and face-framing highlights are an easy way to camouflage it. ” I use this technique every day, regardless of someone’s skin color“, says Janesa Morera.

However, how you accomplish them will depend on your characteristics. ” Gray hair will always be silver and cold; if someone’s skin has warmer undertones, i will use warmer undertones as a secondary color and cooler tones as a secondary color if my client’s skin has cooler tones“, explains Morera.

A professional can help you determine where you fall on the hot-cold spectrum and what shade of highlights will look best on you.

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Before opting for highlights, ask your stylist about upkeep and then see if it suits your lifestyle.

For example, for someone who doesn’t want to have their hair done very often, I would do fewer highlights on the top of the head and scatter them over the top and back of the head“, explains Jessica Shults, hairdresser at the Institute of Hairdressing and Aesthetics. ” For someone who was willing to come in often to keep their look fresh, then I would definitely add more highlights to the front and top of the head. »

It all depends on how much time, money and effort you are willing to put into your hair.


This is not a project you should tinker with. » If you want to blend your natural grays, have a hair professional do it to make sure it will look natural and done well to flatter your appearance and age. “, says Gwenda Harmon, hair and beauty expert at . Empower your curls. ” It will also prevent potential damage to your hair that may be irreversible if done by yourself or by someone who is not a professional hairdresser. »

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Gray hair and colored hair tend to become dry and brittle. That’s why you need to take care of your colored locks.

It is important to keep hair healthy and shiny, as gray hair tends to be dull“, explains Janesa Morera.

To start, you should wash your hair with a color-safe shampoo and conditioner. To keep them shining like silver, use a moisturizing hair mask at least once a week. A heat protection product is also essential. So you can enjoy your locks for as long as possible and in their most radiant condition.

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