How to choose your moisturizer for the face?

How to choose your moisturizer for the face?

It is the essential care to preserve the good health of the skin and its barrier role against external aggressions. Each type of skin corresponds to a tailor-made galenic.

It protects against aging, gives radiance, a rounded appearance to the epidermis, and prevents the appearance of skin problems. The moisturizer can be used without moderation.

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Choose your moisturizer according to your skin type

1-You have dry skin

Soft and comfortable textures are your best friends. Your skin, in addition to hydration, needs lipids. Mixing formulas moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients perfect for dry skin. Then just adjust. If the skin is tight or lacks suppleness, a richer treatment will be better.

2-You have oily or acne-prone skin

The oily skin often lack of water. In question, the use of products that are too harsh to eliminate excess sebum and imperfections. Contrary to popular belief, oily skin needs to be hydrated as much as any other. Choose a suitable formula, often low in fat, enriched with purifying or balancing active ingredients.

3-You have combination or normal skin

The rather balanced epidermis likes light moisturizing textures. If the cheeks are a little rough, they lack water, in this case you can slip a moisturizing serum under the day cream to multiply the moisturizing effect.

Change formula each season

The needs of the skin evolve according to age, the season, hormonal variations… Stay tuned and at the slightest tightness or flaking, opt for a slightly richer treatment.

Your skin is dehydrated due to the cold ? It’s time to wrap your skin in softness by adopting new gestures and moisturizing and protective formulas. And for good reason: in winter, the skin is sensitized by the climatic conditions, it needs several layers of hydration and softness. Read : Choose your hydration cream in winter.

From the first heat of springexchange your winter cocooning cream against a lighter and more fluid formula.


  • Bulb B3 Hydra30ml, €31.90, SVR.
  • moisturizer INNOSANS, 50 ml, €17.50, Eclaé.
  • Aloe vera moisturizing cream50 ml, €9.20, Fleurance nature.
  • Hydrating eye contour15 ml tube, €14.90, LAINO.
  • Hydration booster night care Hyaluron-Filler, 50 ml, €28.90, Eucerin.
  • Soothing emulsion Calm-Essential, 100 ml, €28.90, Clarins.
  • Rich cream Aciana Botanica, 50ml, €17, Sanoflore.
  • Rehydrating Energizing Gel-Cream50ml, €62, LPG.
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  • Essential face cream25ml, €17.50, Belesa.
  • Fine cream (refillable jar)50 ml jar, €37, Esteem&Sens.