Lifting with ice cubes, frosted massages, hair cryotherapy… Do we have to get fired up for the beauty effects of the cold?

Lifting with ice cubes, frosted massages, hair cryotherapy... Do we have to get fired up for the beauty effects of the cold?

Bella Hadid immersing her face in a bowl of ice cubes, freezing tools, skin icing, CooLifting… The freeze treatment is all the rage on social networks with lots of promises on radiance and firmness.

The cold dries out, weakens the epidermis and increases sensitivity. Even oily skin becomes dehydrated, the most fragile skin feels tight and blushes. In winter, it is therefore advisable to adapt your routine to protect and comfort her physically. First, by changing the texture of the treatments. If we use a fluid, we go to the cream; from the cream, we go to the balm and we remove makeup with ultra-gentle products. We pay particular attention to the lips and hands that suffer the most by limiting chemical attacks as much as possible.

The hit of the ice cube

All our grandmothers already used it to deflate their bags under the eyes. “The cold has a decongestant effect and a tightening effect by contracting the collagen fibers, confirms aesthetic dermatologist Nina Roos. It tightens the pores and also exercises a little gym of the lymphatic and blood vessels which gives a healthy glow… temporarily. There are no solid, large-scale dermatological studies on the long-term anti-aging effects of cold on the skin.” In any case, to avoid burns, never use ice on your skin… You always coat your ice cube with a wipe before the big shiver.

In practice

Holidermie combines the benefits of cold with the relaxing techniques of self-massage, with two spoon-shaped stainless steel cryotensor globes, ideal for working around the eyes and draining lymph. The soothing and anti-inflammatory effect as a bonus. Before, we optimize the ritual by passing on the face a moisturizing and refreshing stick which deposits on the skin a veil of hyaluronic acid and plant active ingredients. ( As for Sephora’s Ice Roller, it can be placed in the freezer for fifteen minutes before massaging the face for five to ten minutes (on clean, dry skin), just before its serum, oil or cream. If desired, it can even be passed over the body. Finally, exclusively in the Lancôme boutique on the Champs-Élysées, the Cryo-Sculptor Absolue combines hot massage at 43°C and cold cryotherapy at 8°C which tightens the skin. After just one application, it instantly appears fresher, brighter, more rested and stretched… for a few hours. (The 20-minute treatment is offered for purchases of €200.)

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