Look: 4 expert tips to illuminate the eye area

Look: 4 expert tips to illuminate the eye area

On the occasion of the release of its eye serum Capture Totale Super Potent Eye Serum, Dior brought together a series of experts, from its ambassador the supermodel Gisele Bundchen at Peter Phillips – director of creation and image of make-up Dior -, via the facialist Sophie Carbonari for a second edition of Skincare Talk. This digital conversation, between Paris, Shanghai or Los Angeles, focused on the gaze and the multiple techniques to highlight it. And since as reminds Giselethe look is the mirror of the soul”, and that wearing a mask leads us more than ever to communicate through it, here are 4 tips gleaned from the conversation to make it vibrate with a positive aura… While slowing down the signs of time that passes and traces of too short nights. Selected pieces.

How to take care of your eyes in 4 steps?

1.Massage the area

To apply your eye contour treatment, here equipped with a smart flexible tip with a cryo effect, the facialist Sophie Carbonari follows a proven protocol (which can also be done with the fingers): “I start by placing the cold tip on 3 acupressure points: 1/ at the birth of the eyebrow arch, 2/ in the middle of the line and 3/ on the corner between the eyes and the nose. I then apply the product by applying light pressure from the inside out, under the eye and on the eyebrow area, before massaging with the tip in light circles, always from the inside out. the outside. Finally, to activate the lymphatic circulation, I press and smooth the tip by raising it from the inside out, under the eye area.

2. Hydrate

More than ever, the desire is to make this area more glowingmore radiant.”, highlighted Peter Phillips. “Whether through the application of care, a jet of cold water, a light massage, the preparation of the skin is essential before applying any make-up. Hydration ranks at the top of these recommendations. Then, the make-up can remain very light.”

3. Send a message

Since it is very powerful in conveying messages, send a positive vibe through your gaze.”, advises Gisele Bundchen. “Think of something that makes you happy and they’ll light up right away. If you want to be more seductive, in a photo for example, think about it! Very expressive, the eyes reflect your inner thoughts. They are the reflection of the soul.

4. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Adept of inside out beauty, Gisele also distills his ultra-healthy lifestyle habits, which inevitably impact the appearance of his skin. Since a calm mind promises relaxed facial features, the top relies on breathing exercises to refocus, or yoga. Finally, “the healthier you eat, the more radiant the skin“, she says, before remembering to stay well hydrated by drinking water or healthy drinks and to fill up on vegetables!

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