Phyltres, beauty to drink and apply to the skin based on a rose from France

Phyltres, beauty to drink and apply to the skin based on a rose from France

A beauty potion for the skin

With its gourmet beauty shots, Phyltres is revolutionizing beauty codes using an edible and cosmetic rose that acts in synergy with other ingredients. All of them, natural and known for their virtues, sublimate the beauty of the interior in a daily gesture that is both healthy and delicious. Indeed, the drinking shots – Thirst for calm, Thirst for radiance and Thirst for youth – have been developed by starred chefs according to the different needs of each skin type. An elixir of youth, soothing or hydrating, the daily morning or evening shot becomes the ritual of a seven or fourteen day cure to be repeated several times a year.

From Damascus rose to French rose

It is in the rose garden of Montpezat in the South-West of France that Phyltres takes root. This Damask rose planted there flourishes in pure, healthy soil without inputs, since it has never been cultivated in fifty years. At the origin of the project, a woman, Corinne Péronne, business manager, owner of the farm with her husband and grower of this exceptional flower who presented her project to ESSEC. Excited, the entrepreneur Jacky Cabailh joins forces with Corinne to give birth to Phyltres after more than two years of brainstorming, research and development and extensive testing to develop the products. The seven-day “gourmet beauty shots” cures, veritable drinkable beauty and well-being rituals, are complemented by Out treatments, concentrated in precious active ingredients to take care of your skin from the inside and the outside. .

Healthy, natural, holistic and gourmet beauty

The products have all been developed to act in complementarity. It all starts with the “gourmet beauty shot”, a real booster for the skin. The sensory experience continues, in maintenance, with a nutri-velvet cream, a calm concentrated jelly, a milky oil and a moisturizing and energizing Rose de France essence. Depending on each need, a starred chef has been commissioned to develop a tasty recipe to make this beauty moment a pure daily delight. Phyltres is the love of the rose and of nature in general. The naturalness of the active ingredients is maximum and the packaging, on the other hand, is minimal. The beauty shots follow the seasonality of the products. The spring-summer treatment thus gives way to that of autumn-winter 2022-2023 this month. All Out de Phyltres treatments are Cosmos certified and use natural ingredients mostly from organic farming. A self-diagnosis on the site allows you to choose the ritual adapted to your skin and it is even possible to make an appointment with the Phyltres nutritionist to perfect your treatment from the inside.

Designed for everyone, regardless of gender, Phyltres cosmetics create drinkable beauty that delights both women and men.


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