Top 10 beauty criteria for men around the world

Top 10 beauty criteria for men around the world

We have already told you about the criteria of male beauty throughout history, but today we will rather try to look at the representations of male beauty across each country. So of course it’s to be taken with a grain of salt, everyone has their own tastes and colors, but these are trends that will allow you, if you’re a guy, to see in which country you’ll have more chance of hitting it with your brioche, your baldness and your strabismus diverge.

1. In the United States, we like muscular guys with beards

Does that surprise us coming from the United States? Not really. If the younger generation is beginning to shift its criteria of attraction towards more androgynous male beauties, we are still on the basis of large biscotos, not too neat with a small beard that should not be promised.

Example of guys who can seriously ken over there: Chris Pratt (even if he’s a pimp’s), Paul Rudd (yeah I read that somewhere and frankly I don’t get it), Michael B. Jordan (even though he doesn’t even play basketball), Channing Tatum (vla le rotten last name that looks like an outdated electronic thing from the 90s).

2. In India, we like guys with fair skin, a flawless hairscape and a lustrous musculature

Not so far from American standards of beauty, it would seem that in India we also favor muscular guys with hair (with gel in their hair pleaaaase) and who look like people who do TV. Thanks WHO ? Thank you Bollywood.

Example of guys who can seriously ken over there: Shah Rukh Khan (the guy with the cleanest hairline in the history of hair), Hrithik Roshan (some kind of mutant when it comes to his eye color) or even Siddharth Malhotra (with whom I could totally go on vacation on the island of Oléron).

3. In the UK, we like athletic bodies, dark brown hair and a growing beard

If the budding beard makes you want to puke over its owner, know that many Britons are crazy about it. Is this due to the fact that they are drunk all the time? Most likely.

Example of guys who can seriously ken over there: David Beckham (who embodies with posh the most beautiful couple of his generation but we will say nothing), Tom Hardy (who could not have had a good career in porn if he had been called Tommy Hard), Richard Madden, Robert Pattinson… in short, so many sexy Englishmen who will never equal Hugh Grant in my opinion.

4. In the Philippines, we like guys who take care of their appearance with smooth skin

Contrary to their ex-president Philippe Duterte, completely out of his pants, the Filipinos would rather tend to reject the macho look for something more polished, more metrosexual in short.

Example of guys who can seriously ken over there: Alden Richards or Josh Cullen Santos. People you probably don’t know and that’s too bad if you want my opinion.

5. In South Korea, we like androgynous guys, thin with very fair skin and who can wear makeup or dye their hair

Unsurprisingly, you only need to look at the members of the BTS group to get an idea of ​​the local sex appeal criteria.

Example of guys who can seriously ken over there: the whole BTS group suddenly, the star model Won Bin (a sort of ephebe with interstellar perfection) or the rapper G-Dragon.

6. In Mexico, we like very masculine guys with all the paraphernalia of masculine things (beards, mean looks, huge testicles and an atypical desire to drive nails into walls)

Example of guys who can seriously ken over there: the singer Diego Boneta who can be discovered below with his extremely virile hat, his very virile guitar, his ultra virile couch and an invisible smell of fart that defies understanding of virility.

7. In Germany, we like tall guys (it doesn’t matter if they are blond or dark), muscular but thin

Are there people here who have done German LV1? It was annoying huh.

Example of guys who can seriously ken over there: Thore Schölermann, a guy nobody knows in France and who, in my opinion, has the physical appearance of a philatelist. And why the fuck is nobody talking about Daniel Brühl?

8. In Australia, we like tall, thin and muscular guys (wow that’s really original)

There’s a cool thing about the Hemsworth brothers is that you get two for the price of one. No wonder they were voted Australia’s sexiest personalities. For the rest of the criteria, without much surprise we like the guys who are able to embody the troop of the Avengers if not balec.

Example of guys who can seriously ken over there: Hugh Jackman (and his big claws) and therefore the Hemsworth brothers who only have the unpronounceable name.

Photo credits (CC BY-SA 2.0): Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

9. In Turkey, we like shaved and sensitive guys

Well I agree it’s not super clear as physical criteria but it seems that we are moving away from the ultra burned stereotype presented as an ideal in most countries of the world. Down with hairy chests!

Example of guys who can seriously ken over there: K?vanç Tatl?tu?, look at all this beautiful imbernous sensibility.

10. In Nigeria, we like strong, manly and emotionless guys

You are not unaware that Nigeria is the second cinematic power in the world after India, which is inspired by it to derive its name from Nollywood. In the same way, it is the heroes of these numerous film productions who best illustrate these criteria of beauty. Physically powerful guys “who have it in the falzar” as they say (yes, yes, we say that).

Example of guys who can seriously ken over there: the singer D’banj or the top model David Agbodiji.

Do you find that this article is based on stereotypes? Well yes it was the principle, you have not read the subject?

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