Train caregivers to enable them to teach women to know themselves better

Train caregivers to enable them to teach women to know themselves better

Based on physical findings, the cycle observation method is revolutionizing the learning of health professionals.

The Institut de Formation à la Fertilité, a continuing professional training organization for health professionals and care professionals who take care of the fertility of women, men and couples, offers training related to fertility including a valuable tool which is the observation of the cycle. Founded in 2017 by Marion Vallet, midwife since 2009, the Institute has enjoyed dazzling success since 2020. Update with Marion Vallet, founder of the Fertility Training Institute.

You have already trained more than 1,000 people since the organization was created. How did you come up with the idea of ​​founding the Institut de Formation à la Fertilité?

Most health professionals do not know the observation of the cycle, it was also my case when I left the school of midwifery until the day when to postpone a pregnancy, I trained in the method BillingsTM ovulation, named after the doctors who developed it in the 1960s. This method is based on observing the cycle, I found it so interesting to understand my female body that I wanted to train for my patients. Then, I talked about it to my fellow midwives who asked me for training that I created and developed for them. I imagined it would be a one shot when quickly the demand for training was very strong among midwives at first, then among general practitioners, osteopaths… Today, and this since the confinements, the most training is done online, although we continue to travel for groups that request it.

Why is there such a lack of knowledge of the female cycle among health professionals?

During their training, they learn that the pill is THE solution to the problems of cycle irregularities or gynecological disorders, that when a couple suffers from subfertility, they must be referred to medically assisted procreation. On the other hand, they are not taught to observe the female cycle, which suggests that only medicine has the answer. While simply allowing couples and women to understand how their ovulatory cycle works, many issues can be addressed. The goal of the Fertility Training Institute is to make this valuable knowledge available.

What training does the Fertility Training Institute offer?

The gateway to training at the Fertility Training Institute is a basic module, Fertility physiology and cycle observation, lasting 14 hours. It teaches learning to observe the cycle and how to use this observation as a caregiver to better support a patient, whether she is in a desire for pregnancy or that she wishes to avoid pregnancy, or simply better to know. Once the basic module has been completed, various cross-disciplinary training courses related to fertility are offered à la carte by trainers who are experts in their field: food and micronutrition, aromatherapy, homeopathy, microbiota, phytotherapy and gemmotherapy as well as psychology, sexology and body therapy. . The Fertility Training Institute is Qualiopi certified for training actions.

Concretely, how can a caregiver use this method and what does it bring to women?

The trained caregiver will transmit to his patient the tools that will allow him to observe his cycle. Thanks to these observations, the caregiver will be able to explain to him how his cycle works. To understand and apprehend, we need to have precise information day after day. This observation also allows women to benefit from a safe alternative to conventional means of contraception. Moreover, the WHO recognizes the symptothermie, one of the methods of observation of the cycle, a reliability superior to that of the pill.

Your training is intended for health professionals: how can women who wish to learn more about this method get information?

For this, with other caregivers, we have created a FOCUS Fertility association for health professionals in which they can find a network of health professionals in France to turn to. I also co-wrote with Dr. Sophie Saab-Tsnobiladzé a book entitled: “The great book of the natural female cycle”, published by Éditions Leduc, which allows you to discover the observation of the cycle in order to manage your fertility. and take care of your gynecological health.

What advice would you give to women?

Outside of menstruation, many women are unaware that vaginal discharge is an indicator of fertility and not an infection. The knowledge that the woman can acquire will allow her to understand herself better and to identify her fertile and infertile phases. So if you feel like it, go for it, but not alone! Take the time to train with competent people.

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