“We have to stop lying to people”: Huda Kattan, the queen of make-up who makes beauty rhyme with sincerity

"We have to stop lying to people": Huda Kattan, the queen of make-up who makes beauty rhyme with sincerity

When we talk about Huda Kattan, we immediately think of her incredible palettes, released under the Huda Beauty brand. Real nuggets that revolutionized the world of make-up at the time of their release, making the leaders of the time outdated in a snap: Urban Decay in the lead. Since then, a slew of new actors have appeared in the makeup world, following in Huda’s footsteps: Natasha Denona or Pat McGrath. For them, the recipe is the same: wow effect palettes with innovative textures and an experience never seen before for makeup fans.

But if the “Huda revolution” arrived through the palettes, it did not only put its stamp (and its false nails) on this area: foundation, mascara, then skincare and perfume, Huda Kattan has become a must in the world of cosmetics. And she intends to continue her revolution by stepping up a notch and tackling a monster: dismantling the standards of beauty. And we can say that she has a job.

Demystifying beauty standards, Huda Kattan’s mission

When we asked Huda Kattan how it all started for her in the world of beauty, she remembers an anecdote that had a profound effect on her and which is undoubtedly at the origin of her vision of cosmetics and the way she wanted to communicate. ” I remember an advertisement for a Lancôme mascara that I had seen in the 90s and that made me dream. I thought “wow but I dream of having these eyelashes too! », I saved up and went to perfumery so I could finally get the product that would give me those long, super voluminous lashes I’d been dreaming of. I go to the seller and tell him: “I want the same lashes as in the photo! “. He laughed. And he told me ” but finally ! She wears false eyelashes in the ad! » I was stunned! I didn’t understand why we had tried to make people believe in a result that was absolutely impossible to achieve… When they could have simply told us: put on false eyelashes if you want this result. And sell the false eyelashes that go with it“.

It is therefore with the desire to show things as they are thatHuda Kattan launched its cosmetics brand, well supported by the giant Sephora, “ a chance and a big help“, she specifies. Because if Huda Kattan stands out from other influencers but also from other business women in cosmetics, it is by his honesty and loyalty to its consumers. Yes, Huda likes heavy make-up (we’re not going to lie to each other!), she’s had cosmetic surgery, practices cosmetic medicine, but she has the honesty to show it all.

In 2019, after several botox and filler operations, she found herself with bruises on her face, but continued to post videos on her youtube channel as well as tutorials on Instagram. Goal: to show things as they are (and that her products have absolutely awesome coverage)

She assumes to the point of showing herself in full intervention.

When she has a swollen face in the morning, she shows it as it is and offers the lymphatic massage that goes with it.

A single objective for her: to show the reality. ” Brands need to stop lyingshe says. This creates untenable expectations in people and can even create complexes. A few weeks ago, my daughter broke my heart when she admitted to me that she thought she was ugly. I too thought I was ugly compared to the images I saw in the media. I dream that we display in the media and on the networks women and men with more diverse and above all more real beauties“. And it is with this objective that Huda sets the tone on its networks, but also in its campaigns.

No wonder his insta description reads: “ had ENOUGH photo editing & filters (is tired of photo editing and filters). Bim!

Huda Katta, the hard worker for the perfect liner line

Because if today Huda Kattan has enough aura to claim this fight, she had to work to reach this level. ” When I started in the business, it was not won. It’s hard for a woman to walk into a meeting with male investors and explain how I’m going to do my beauty products“. Fortunately, she is supported by her husband and can also count on the support of her sister Mona, very present, creator for Kayali perfumes. But her greatest strength is her determination and her interest in her community. ” I work a lot to create new products. But it’s also important for me to listen to what my community is saying. They are my first clients and they have a very important vision. Sometimes it’s hurtful to see that certain products have not been liked as much as I hoped, but by taking these opinions into account, I move forward and I can adjust my next launches.“. A humility that clashes in the middle of influencers, mostly listening only to their own ego.

The high priestess of cosmetics also stands out for her meticulousness. Thus, when we point out to him that we like his perfume for its wake, but also because the spray is long and that we thus have an impression of generosity of profusion when using this product, we feel it really flattered. And to launch us I’m really glad you noticed this kind of details“. And once again, she charmed us with her disarming simplicity and sincerity. We do not hide from you that since this interview, we put a lot less filters, if not at all, in our stories. The Huda effect surely.

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