5 tips to fight against crocodile skin

Winter is coming, the cold with, and inevitably the aggressions of the wind and low temperatures on the skin are felt. If it turns out to be rather fragile in normal times, it is very likely that it will dry out quickly and form what is called “crocodile skin”. To help you fight against these unpleasant tuggings, here are some tips.

Choose softer soaps and shower gels

To take good care of your body and fight against the “crocodile skin” effect, you already start by changing your habits in the shower. We do not necessarily realize it, but some soaps and shower gels can be very aggressive for fragile skin and thus accentuate its dryness. When choosing your products, find out about their properties and their ingredients. The best ? Favor formulas with repairing active ingredients such as shea, honey, or even aloe vera, which will soften your skin. Finally, don’t forget to check that your shower gel does not contain sulphates, a substance that can quickly attack the skin.

Exfoliate regularly

We don’t necessarily think about it, but scrubs can be very useful in the fight against crocodile skin: they not only allow moisturizers applied during or after the shower to penetrate better, but also eliminate dead cells, responsible for the mostly crocodile skin. Be careful when choosing your exfoliant, which must be adapted to your skin type. Do not carry out, either, scrubs too regularly, at the risk of causing the opposite effect to that desired and weakening your epidermis. Exfoliation once a week is the most recommended.

Moisturize your skin well

To fight against crocodile skin, moisturizing your skin is essential. Do not hesitate to apply cream, or even nourishing and soothing balms regularly. The perfect timing? Once or twice a day. Little by little, you will find skin that is soft, plump and pleasant to the touch. As for the hands, often on the front line, remember to moisturize them after each wash: they quickly find themselves unprotected and therefore more fragile.

think about drinking a lot

If it is advisable to drink at least one to two liters of water a day, it is for a good reason: it allows the body to stay hydrated, to function well, but also to have beautiful skin, soft and plump. To avoid the white streaks associated with the crocodile skin look, try to drink throughout the day as much as you can. In herbal tea, tea, flavored… All means are good for ingesting water.

Try to eat more balanced

Eating a balanced and diversified diet is the secret to beautiful skin. To avoid white marks linked to your overly dry skin, eat a good quantity of foods composed of lipids, for good hydration, but also fatty fish to take advantage of omega 3 and omega 6. Almonds and dried fruits can also help , because they have fatty acids that nourish the epidermis.

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