A degraded poster: who wanted to hide the skin of Michel Polnareff’s buttocks in the Loiret?

Une affiche dégradée : qui a voulu cacher la peau des fesses de Michel Polnareff dans le Loiret ? 

Is this a purely gratuitous act of vandalism or should we see in this degradation the political manifestation of a certain puritanism…

Still, we attacked the buttocks of the immense Michel Polnareff, those proudly displayed by the interpreter of Letter to France, Goodbye Marylou Where Love Me, Please love me… on a four by three panel, planted on a wall in the small town of Chevilly. Who could have “disfigured” them with white paint? Who dared?

Michel Polnareff delights the Zénith d’Orléans on his past

In all six buttocks…

Not a single pair, by the way, but three, since they are three Polnareff
who exhibit themselves, foundations apparent on the posters, under white glasses, pink hats and blue, white, red tunics, reminiscent of the colors of the French flag. A barely concealed tribute, for the record, to his October 1972 poster which caused a stir at the time.

There is no doubt that this new communication campaign, with a double scent of scandal and nostalgia, will be able to serve the interests of the giant’s 2023 tour which it announces, including a date, June 1, at the CO’Met Orléans Arena.

“Personally, it doesn’t bother me”

The vandalized snapshot of Polnareff was sent to us by the Internet user responding to the tasty nickname of Olaf Teurchève (for after shave, really?). We still took care to call the mayor of Chevilly to check the realityin these times, we are never safe from a photo montage or, to give in to the language of the time, a “fake”.

Hubert Jolliet was unaware of the incident: “I am not aware of any degraded advertising space in my town, I will ask the municipal police to check.”

Two minutes pass, a glance at the video surveillance later, “indeed, I am confirmed with the paint job”at Place Lucien-Paillet, a former mayor.

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The chosen one takes it as a joke, “I don’t know what I’m going to do, maybe leave the poster like that, personally, it doesn’t relax my hair, as long as it’s not my head on it.”

David Criff


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