“Damoiselle” travels through history like a beauty Youtuber, the TV series is worth the detour

"Damoiselle" travels through history like a beauty Youtuber, the TV series is worth the detour

At school, I was taught never to start a text with “At all times, men…” However, it must be recognized that, at all times, society has required women to inflict all sorts of suffering, often delirious, under the pretext of beauty or hygiene.

It’s not Ambre Larrazet who will say the opposite, because it’s the subject she chose – with Queenie Tassell – to create the web series Damselin which she embodies beauty youtubers, from the Egypt of the pharaohs to the Occupation, who dispense the beauty advice of their time.

Yes, yes, you read that right. “There is often, in our projects, the desire to create anachronisms by delivering historical information”, sums it up effectively.

Validated by a historian

In each episode (about 6 minutes long) of this funny, intelligent and effective series, available on the free TV5MondePlus platform, we find a different period of history.

Each period has its canons, and Ambre Larrazet each time embodies a different character which explains what women had to endure… to have a high forehead in the Middle Ages, to have tanned legs in 1942 or to wear makeup under Julius Caesar. .

“We wanted to denounce the injunctions made to women. There have always been some and there will always be some. But before being feminist, it is a historical series.”

The authors are supported in their work by Julien Magalhães, a young and perfectly in tune historian, himself an Instagrammer (@julienmaelstrom). “He is there at all stages of the project. He checks all the information. It’s not from Wikipedia! He intervenes on absolutely everything, the subjects, the sets, the hairstyles, the costumes…”

However, they do not sit idly by: “It’s fascinating because the more we inquire, the more subjects we find. We have done a lot of museums, library collections… Sometimes we want a time and we go and look for information that corresponds. example, it is known that the first periodic protections date from ancient Egypt. So we check the information, and we look for others that revolve around the same subject. And sometimes we learn completely crazy information from a certain era, like forehead hair removal in the Middle Ages, and we build the scene around it.”

Kaamelott, Semoun and Foresti

The anachronism on which the series is based is sure to provoke laughter, and is reminiscent of the series Kaamelottbut also other references of the actress: “I try never to copy, but I am inevitably marked by what surrounded me when I grew up: the classifieds of Elie Semoun, the first sketches of Florence Foresti at Laurent Ruquier… The humorous dimension is essential because it makes the information more digestible.”

Rewarded by the SACD prize of the French selection at the Marseille Web Festival, the series will soon experience its second season, currently being finalized, with new features: “Each lady will have two episodes. We will go deeper into the information and we will get to know them better through the exercise of the frequently asked questions, which real youtubers often engage in. We had fun inventing them a life, which allows us to deliver even more historical information.”

Damselby Ambre Larrazet and Queenie Tassell.

8 episodes, available on TV5MondePlus.


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