don’t miss “Le Festival de la Beauté” from November 11 to 13 – LOURDES-ACTU

don’t miss “Le Festival de la Beauté” from November 11 to 13 – LOURDES-ACTU

This Monday, November 7 at 11 a.m., at the House of the cultural association “La Diaconie de la Beauté” 14, Chaussée du Bourg, a press conference took place to announce the program of the “Festival de la Beauté, Le Souffle” which will take place at the Palais des Congrès and the Sanctuary from November 11 to 13, in the presence of the President Anne FACÉRIAS, the Mayor of Lourdes Thierry LAVIT, the Deputy Mayor for Culture and Heritage Sylvie MAZUREK and the artists.

Anne FACERIAS explained that The Beauty Festival “Le souffle” is an event organized by the artists of the Diaconie de la Beauté from November 11 to December 11, 2022 which will take place in nine cities in France: Lourdes, Toulouse, Autun, Auch , Rouen, Haute-Savoie, Lyon, Nantes, Paris. From November 11 to 13, the Festival will open its doors first in Lourdes this year. This Festival is an event organized in tribute to Michael LONSDALE (1931-2020), an artist who loved Lourdes, Honorary President of the Diaconie de la Beauté. The Festival will be based on “living together” with an inter-religious dimension and of course the intervention of a whole collective of artists.

Sylvie MAZUREK, here for this Festival “we are talking about beauty and art and beyond any confession, beyond any religion, beyond any nationality, art is a universal means of communication and at this title where we support this Festival of the Diakonia of Beauty which opens to all forms of art. »

Thierry LAVIT said he supported this Festival first of all for its artistic side of course, but also in its desire for an inter-religious dialogue. “Lourdes, a fraternal city, welcomes many communities of different nationalities and different religions. Its signature, known and recognized throughout the world, since Lourdes is more than a city, makes it possible to highlight this inter-religious dialogue… And art is a preponderant tool for resilience. The concept can be summed up in three words: worship, culture and republic. Here we have an extraordinary bishop Jean-Marc MICAS who has a line like us centered on the human. When the Pope also carries a humanist discourse. It is better to cultivate what unites us than to stir up what divides us, to feed on the differences that enrich us…”

The City will therefore participate in the Festival with logistical assistance and a subsidy.

Program :

Friday, November 11, the solidarity concert for Ukraine and Eastern Christians will take place at the Palais des Congrès in Lourdes at 8:30 p.m. The collective of Franco-Ukrainian artists will take part.

Saturday, November 12 will be organized a Round Table around the theme: “The Breath in the world of traditions and politics” (11 a.m., Palais des Congrès), with the participation of Mgr Jean-Marc MICAS, Bishop of Tarbes and Lourdes. In tribute to Mickaël Lonsdale (1931-2020), a great Franco-British actor and honorary president of the Diaconie de la Beauté for several years, the film “Le souffle du cœur” by Louis Malle (8 p.m., Palais congresses).

Finally, on Sunday November 13, a mass for artists hosted by the Diaconia will be held at the Grotto of Lourdes (10 a.m.), with the group “Place et Paroles de Pauvres” from the Sanctuary.

Several other events are planned in the Festival program.

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