Everything you need to know about using face serum

Everything you need to know about using face serum

For the most knowledgeable people, applying a serum morning and evening is as natural as drinking a glass of water. For others, the questions are numerous and quite legitimate. So, below or above? From what age is it necessary? And how to choose from the plethoric offer? Here are the basics of the serum, to optimize your beauty routine.

At what moment?

That’s the basics: the serum is always applied before the day cream. Or at night, because unless otherwise prescribed, it is recommended morning AND evening. Its rather watery texture is designed to penetrate quickly. It is more concentrated in active ingredients to reinforce the benefits of the cream. This one, more nourishing, brings comfort, as explained by the Genevan Alexia Blas, founder of the very young brand Kure: “The cream is an emulsion, that is to say a mixture of an oily phase and watery. It will thus have the function of moisturizing but also of nourishing the skin thanks to the two phases. It also forms a film to protect the skin from any external aggression while preventing the evaporation of water from the skin. The serum, on the other hand, is a perfect hydration booster, it completes the routine when the skin needs a boost, for example in winter when it is drier and more fragile.”

Starting at what age?

Anti-ageing treatments are recommended from the age of around 35. Previously, the skin may have other problems or needs, such as dealing with blemishes, redness, acne, or lack of hydration. For it to fulfill its role as a barrier, the skin must be in good health. If it is suffering, it ages prematurely because it spends energy fighting against inflammation instead of performing its defense function against external aggressions. Cells do not renew themselves as they should naturally.

How to choose it?

Depending on your needs, we therefore opt for a formula that is more moisturizing, or rather lifting, anti-redness, or even illuminating for the complexion. We would sometimes be tempted to want to solve all these worries at the same time! Some brands offer versatile serums, but if you want to act on two factors, for example, you can stack several products.

This is also the concept of semi-tailored ranges, such as My Blend, which offers seven “superserums” in small format, against brown spots, dehydration, wrinkles, etc. Or Drunk Elephant and its “smoothie” concept for the skin, or mix a few drops of 3 or 4 different products in the palm of your hand before applying it to your face.

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Oligo 6, marine concentrate with vitamins, prebiotic complex and trace elements, Phytomer, approx. 75 fr. the 30 ml.

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2 / 9

B-Hydra, intensive hydrating serum, Drunk Elephant, 56 fr. the 50 ml.

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3 / 9

Wrinkle & fine line reducing serum, 10% matrixil, Revolution, 11 fr for 30 ml. (zalando.ch)

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4 / 9

Hyaluron Activ B3, plumping concentrated serum, with 6% niacinamide, Avène, 39 fr 90 for 30 ml.

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5 / 9

Bariéderm-CICA Daily Serum, Uriage, approx. 39 fr. the 30 ml.

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6 / 9

The Face Serum, Kure, 69 fr. 30 ml (kureswitzerland.com)

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7 / 9

Ginzing Into the Glow, illuminating serum, Origins, 41 fr. the 30 ml.

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8 / 9

Light-reflecting firming serum, Nars Skin, 110 fr. the 30 ml.

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9 / 9

Abeille Royale, Double R, Renew & Repair serum, peeling and lifting effect, Guerlain, 206 fr. the 30 ml.

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