how to become a better version of yourself?

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Do you want to perform a Glow Up and become more attractive, more fulfilled and become “that girl” or “that boy”? Here’s how.

glow up tricks

Sur Instagram, Pinterest or TikTok, we see a lot of users giving advice on how to become that girl. So here’s a little compilation of tips for Glow Up and become more attractive physically and mentally. Let’s go !

What is a Glow Up? What does this recurring term on the networks mean?

Glow Up, what does that mean? Overall this means ” growing up “ and so it involves a change in your person. When they say that someone has “glow up”, it means that the person changed in a good way term, the person has become more beautiful overall. We are talking about physical Glow Up, but also mental.

The physical is when the person actually becomes more attractive to the eye, prettier. The mental Glow Up is when the person has changed mentally and it shows, they attract by their intelligence, their values, etc. The person is more fulfilled than everthe best version of yourself and makes you want to be your friend.

Physical Glow Up: our advice to be more attractive

To begin, know the Glow Up takes place physically and mentally simultaneously. The two do not go without each other. First, here are all our golden rules for Glow Up physically.

Eat well and hydrate well to become more attractive

Know that nutrition and hydration of your body are ultra-important to becoming more attractive. Not only because eating a variety and drinking allows you to have more nice hair, clearer skin. But also, because it influences your mind. Here are some essentials:

  • Eat everything, but in controlled quantities. Pay attention to how you feel satiety and eat at 80% of it, as the Japanese do. If possible, eat colorful thingsput spices instead of salt, it will make your plates prettier and, unconsciously, it will brighten up your day.
  • To drink 2 liters of water per day: plain water, water infused with herbs or fruits, tea.
  • Avoid sodas as much as possible, carbonated water, industrial juices, syrups, coffee.
  • sugar and fat should also be limited, but not prohibited. Especially when it comes to good fats such as olive oil. For sugar, replace it with agave syrup, for example.
  • Your plate must be balanced: 50% vegetables steamed or gently cooked in the oven or in a frying pan with a little fat. 25% protein vegetable, dairy or animal. And 25% grain products (pasta, rice, etc.). Add one serving per day of legumes.
  • Don’t snack, just do 5 light meals and balanced rather than 3 big meals a day.
glow up tricks

Sleep properly for a physical and mental Glow Up

For Glow Up, you must also sleep well for reduce stress, feel fit and limit the effects of aging on your body. A rested body is a body that is healthier and therefore more beautiful. Mostly you have to sleep between 7 and 9 hours per night. The top of the top would be to sleep without alarm clock to leave your biological clock do things according to your body’s needs.

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How a wellness routine to feel fresh

To Glow Up physically, but also mentally, care must be taken. Here are some tips that can help you:

  • Every morning, set up a routine, from breakfast to facials, to morning reading. Generally, it is advisable to brush your teeth, wash your face, then moisturize your body and face, but also your hair. Do your hair and take time above all, morning and evening stress is your enemy.
  • Se brushing teeth at least twice a day.
  • In the evening, keep the screens as far away as possible.
  • pamper yourself from morning to night !
glow up tricks

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Bet on clothes, make-up… Have fun!

Dress and make up how you want. Take the time to make yourself pretty, to choose your outfit of the day. The best would even be to choose your look the day before to be still more zen the morning. Either way, play jewelry, accessoriesthe clothes in which you feel pretty. Self-confidence is the key to Glow Up. Find your own style and stop comparing yourself to others, don’t do like the others and become “that girl”.

glow up tricks

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Mental Glow Up: our tips for being psychologically more fulfilled

Glow Up physically is good, but Glow Up mentally is essential. Often the mental reflects on the physical. So, of course, here are our golden rules.

Set goals and focus on yourself

Focusing on your overall well-being is essential to becoming the best version of yourself. To do this, here are some key areas to implement:

  • On paper, set your long term goals and do everything to achieve it.
  • Update a To Do List daily or weekly.
  • Pamper yourself mentally: read, educate yourself, take an interest in subjects, stay calm whatever your mental activity.
  • Put oneself first : learn to say no to be in tune with your mental well-being.
  • get inspired of the best on Pinterest, by reading biographies, etc.
  • Meditate and make sure you have at least one moment of introspection per day.
glow up tricks

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Cultivate your social sphere to Glow Up mentally

Human is a social being and even if you are not sociable, whether you like it or not, it is mentally rewarding to have interactions. Whether IRL or on the internet, be sure to share things with others, but also learn from others. Everyone around us help us growand their presence on our way is no coincidence.

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Read, study, watch movies…keep smart

For GlowUp, agree to “do nothing” and put you on a mental break. It’s a real smart activity that helps your brain rest while staying active. Done lots of activities that you like, without worrying about what others are doing, without sharing what you are doing. Focus on those moments of fulfillment.

glow up tricks

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Play sports to Glow Up physically but also mentally

Finally, to Glow Up physically and mentally and look more attractive, you have to do physical exercise. It’s essential for your health, but also for looking and ultimately being fulfilled. It is particularly recommended to do sports 20 minutes per day or 2 hours per week. Walk as much as possible, take advantage of the walk for your introspection.

glow up tricks

Swim, a team sport to strengthen your social life. You can take the stairs instead of the elevator, cook yourself to move you, make a spring cleaning and massive storage. This will expend you, but also maintain your tidy interiorwhich is essential for a tidy mind.

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