Straight hair: the essential steps to succeed and make straightening it last, according to an expert

Straight hair: the essential steps to succeed and make straightening it last, according to an expert

You have always dreamed of finding your hair smooth and shiny, just like when you left the hairdresser. But what is the secret of the professionals to have this rendering that we love? Dimitri Martin Diaz, training manager at Coiff&co, lists the key steps.

Here are the secrets of hairstylists that make your hair soft, shiny and smooth. Annoyed by your frizz, a flyaway or even waves, you dream of one thing: have smooth and silky hair. If you’re not yet ready for permanent straightening techniques, you’ll be delighted to know how to make your hair smooth for a long time, thanks to the expert advice of Dimitri Martin Diaz. Here are the steps to follow in order to obtain a nice rendering without damaging your hair too much.

How to have straight hair?

Above all, your hair must receive quality care in line with its nature. For example, for colored hair, use treatments specifically designed to protect and revive the color. After a suitable shampoo and moisturizing masklet’s talk about serious things. The secret is to add a smoothing cream to your hair routine, based on advice from Dimitri Martin Diaz. Why ? This is’a treatment designed to moisturize and soften the hair fiber. And like magic, it is activated on contact with heat to provide optimal smoothing with a natural finish.

After the application with his fingers of this care on the lengths, let’s go to the brushing. “The more the hair is worked, the more the shape will be given, the less it will curl again” says the hairdresser. His key trick is to pull a strand with your fingers and pass the hair dryer over it for perfect smoothing. Thus, the work of brushing is less. On the movement side, Dimitri Martin Diaz prefers to work the top of the head backwards to give a little volume. Of course, the brushing brush is your hair beauty ally.

And the last step is to finish your brushing using the straightener, which will make the straightening last even longer. Hand heater, just slide down the length of a lock of hair and repeat the operation on the rest of the hair. On the other hand, it is necessary to pay attention to the heat of the device. Dimitri Martin Diaz recommends put at 180 degrees so as not to weaken the hair too much. Another advice, do not use a comb at the risk of making the hair electric. And the final touch: a veil of lacquer to hold the smoothing to the max.

What are the best straighteners for hair?

Expert Dimitri Martin Diaz likes to have a mini straightener on hand for touch-ups throughout the day. Here is a selection of 3 powerful and effective heating devices to have smooth hair.

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