Student health in Spain

Student health in Spain

We often forget it and yet it is essential when one seeks to settle abroad whatever his age: health. Whether you are in good health or suffer from a chronic illness, it is important to be informed and to be well covered in case of need. supports you in this step.

It exists in Spain a public health system and one private health system. The public system allows Spaniards and residents to receive health care at no cost. France being a member of the European Union, you automatically have access to the Spanish public health system. This system is connected to the spanish social security and to a specific network of nurses, doctors, specialists, and hospitals. Although it is a national system, it is decentralized and each region has its health centers and hospitals. To benefit from this system, you must have a social Security number and register at the health center in your region. Each patient is assigned to a doctor and you have to go through him or her all the time for any other treatment with a specialist. The good news is thatthrough this system, patients do not have to pay anything for the first visits with their doctor, visits to specialists, and for hospital care. For the pharmacy drugsthey can be reimbursed completely or up to 60% depending on the person’s situation.

The public and private health systems do not complement each other as in France, but operate separately. The health professionals and the hospitals Where clinics that work with the private sector are not not at all covered by social security. If a patient does not go through his doctor in the public system, no treatment or medication is covered. A patient who decides to be treated privately must have the required funds in full or having medical insurance is therefore necessary. The medical insurance agencies usually have their network of approved professionals, and it is absolutely necessary to be treated by a health professional on this list to be covered by insurance.

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Student health in Spain: why turn to the public health system?

Being accessible and free for all, there is often a long waiting list in the public service. The fact that you always have to go through your GP before going to a specialist also slows down the procedure. If it is a emergencyit may be better to be treated in private. Not all treatments are 100% reimbursed either through the public network – for example for dental care it is often more profitable to go through private insurance.

Student health in Spain: how to benefit from health care if you are a French student in Spain?

Before your departure, you will need to bring the European health insurance card. It is valid throughout Europe and gives you the same care available to residents of the country in question. This card will allow you to benefit from the spanish health service for free for two years, the time you take your steps with the local authorities. You can do the request for free with your health insurance institution online or in person, but it takes at least 20 days to get it. It only gives you access, however, to the public service. As soon as you arrive, you must register with the local authorities to obtain your social Security number. As soon as you are registered with social security, you can go to Health center in your area to register there. You will need to indicate the time slot that suits you best and a doctor available during these hours will be designated for you.

If you prefer to have access to private health systemit will be necessary either to take a on-site insurance or see if your French insurance or that of your parents covers you in Spain. You can call on 112 for any medical information.

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Student health in Spain: take care of yourself

Adapting to a new country and a new routine takes time for your body to adjust. Take care of yourself and maintain a healthy lifestyle as soon as you arrive. The main thing being to always eat healthy with enough fiber stay active, get enough sleep. Student culture can sometimes make self-care secondary; being aware of this can help. Learn to manage stress courses and exams can create, stay connected to loved ones and new friends, and don’t abuse alcohol and other harmful substances. There is also a lot to learn about the health culture in Spain. In 2019, Spain ranks at the top of the “Bloomberg Global Health Index”standing out as a population in best health in the world. This praise is partly thanks to his highly efficient public health system as well as their good eating habits: the Mediterranean diet and family meals. Access to fruit and sunshine, and the importance of rest in Spanish culture helps a lot!

At any age, health is paramount. Make sure you are well covered during these studies in Spain is an important step in your preparation and as we have shown you, it is not very complicated.

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