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Les meilleurs sports en plein air

If you live in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region or its surroundings, discover some sports activities that you can practice outdoors. You will thus enjoy nature while doing good for your body and your organism.

Mountain biking, a good outdoor sport idea

Mountain biking is a sport that helps you take care of your heart health. It strengthens your breathing capacity and strengthens your heart. By mountain biking, you increase your endurance and breathe better. This sport is also one of the most effective ways to tone your muscles and lose weight. By pedaling, you work all the muscles of your body. In addition, an hour of mountain biking makes you lose several hundred calories.

Mountain biking is an outdoor sport that allows you to escape into nature. While riding, you discover new landscapes and you feel a feeling of infinite freedom. In addition, it is a sporting activity accessible to all, regardless of your age. You can easily find an ATV online and all the bike gear which you will need if you do not already have one. In New Aquitaine, there are many places where you can go mountain biking peacefully. Enjoy, for example, a walk around Lake Vassivière or in Saujon. These circuits are ideal for family outings.

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Walking is a sports activity that has many benefits. It has many positive effects on the body and health. You can work all your muscles through walking. In addition, tendons and joints are stressed during this activity. This sport also helps you prevent cardiovascular disease and reduces the risk of suffering a myocardial infarction.

Walking is also an effective method to avoid type 2 diabetes (weight related). When you walk, you also prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Walking is strongly recommended for the elderly to help them fight against this evil. In New Aquitaine, you will have the choice between different places and landscapes for your walks. You can walk in parks or along lakes. If you live in Bordeaux, do not hesitate to visit the city on footin particular its quays.

Snowshoes for outdoor sports

With snowshoes, you can enjoy the good winter wind while practicing physical activity. You can walk, discover the beautiful snowy landscapes that surround you and you spend physically. It’s a good choice if you want to recharge your batteries and fight stress. Snowshoes also allow you to strengthen your heart thanks to the effort they require.

This activity also helps you lose weight. One hour of practice of this sport makes you burn at least 300 calories. In addition, the risk of injury is lower with this activity. It is one of safest winter sports. You have the ability to control all your movements. Finally, you need little equipment to practice this winter sport.


Skiing is a sporting activity that does a lot of good to the mind. The practice of this sport allows you to relax. During the ski session, the body releases endorphins, i.e. the hormone of happiness. This substance helps fight stress and anxiety. Its effect can last half a dozen hours. Skiing also allows you to easily burn calories. When you practice downhill skiing, for example, you work your whole body, from head to toe.

The abs, legs, arms, shoulders and even the glutes are solicited. Skiing also helps you lose weight. You can expend many calories during a day of intensive practice of this activity. If you want increase your flexibility and your agility while breathing fresh air, skiing is the outdoor sliding sport you need. It makes you gain in balance and agility. Regular practice of this sport also allows you to better coordinate your movements. There are several ski areas in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and its surroundings, which will allow you to enjoy this sport all winter long. Among them, there is in particular Gourette (Eaux Bonnes).

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Climbing allows develop your arm muscles. By requiring you to stay on the climbing rock for a long time, this activity works your shoulders, back, glutes, thighs and abs. As a result, you strengthen all the muscles of your body. Climbing also allows you to increase your balance. You become more agile and flexible. In addition, this sport allows you to fight obesity.

By climbing the different walls, you use your cognitive functions. For your safety, you have indeed the obligation to remain concentrated. It is an activity that is recommended for people who have difficulty concentrating or channeling their energy. By focusing your attention on your ascension, you eliminate stress. During the climb, the body secretes the hormone of well-being, endorphin. You feel so much better than before the start of the session. You can do this activity at any age, provided you are in good physical shape.

Outdoor sport: try paddleboarding

The paddle is an outdoor sport that leads you to really exert yourself. It engages all parts and muscles of your body. When you practice paddle, you work your abs, your glutes, your legs, your arms, etc. By regularly practicing this activity, all your muscles become functional. Paddleboarding is also a sport that improves balance. This activity also allows you to take your mind off things. Thanks to it, you reconnect with nature and stay focused on the present moment.

You feel soothed and more in harmony with your environment. With the paddle, you can lose weight while relaxing. This sport allows you to burn calories. You can take advantage of your paddle session to meditate or do yoga. These activities are even more effective when they are practiced in a calm natural environment and close to water.

outdoor yoga

Yoga outdoors (in the mountains for example) helps you to improve your breathing. Its practice requires good coordination of movements. By practicing this discipline, you become aware of your breathing and manage to better control it. This reduces fatigue, digestive problems and palpitations. In addition, it allows you to improve your self-confidence. Thanks to the different postures of yoga, you bring more tone to your body. Repetitive exercises help you gradually get out of your comfort zone. Your muscles relax and strengthen.

Your joints then feel better and you become much more flexible. Outdoor yoga is a natural and effective remedy for stress. It helps you stay focused on the present moment and see life from a better perspective. Yoga allows you to prevent high blood pressure, nervousness or even heart problems. It acts on your sleep by improving its quality. You enjoy a restful night and thus become more productive.


Running is another good way to enjoy the outdoor air while working out. It’s an activity that works the whole body and boosts your metabolism. Thanks to running, the functioning of the heart, lungs, arteries, liver and other organs of the body improves. The body is then more able to fight blood pressureobesity, type 2 diabetes, respiratory diseases, bad cholesterol or cancer.

By practicing responsible running, you maintain the health of your bones, because this activity helps you to strengthen your frame. Running helps you have beautiful legs. In addition, unlike cycling, it does not swell the muscles. If you want to have a flat stomach, you can also practice this sport. During the session, the abdominals perform a sheathing that tones the abdominal belt. Running is also a good remedy for losing weight, because it causes the body to draw on its stored fat. You then burn a good amount of calories while running.

The result is even more satisfying when you combine running with a balanced diet and a few small muscle-building sessions. Finally, running has a positive impact on your mind. It teaches you to push your limits as you progress. It’s a great way to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. By running 20 to 25 minutes a day, you can effectively combat stress. Just like walking, you can find many trails to run in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. They will allow you to discover magnificent landscapes.


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