The milestone of eight billion inhabitants, a house on fire in Beaumont-la-Ferrière, towards the arrival of doctors in Nevers by plane … The news to remember from this Tuesday

Le cap des huit milliards d

Bringing doctors from Dijon by plane: where is the project of the mayor of Nevers?

For the past few days, a project by Denis Thuriot, mayor of Nevers, has aroused media frenzy.

His idea ? Charter a plane to bring doctors from Dijon. But what is the progress of this project? We take stock here.

A person fatally hit by a train in Tracy-sur-Loire

A TER train, linking Nevers to Cosne-sur-Loire with three passengers on board, collided with a person, found dead, this Tuesday, November 15 around 2 p.m., near the town of Tracy-sur-Loire in the Nievre.

The train was immobilized for almost three hours, the time for the rescuers and the investigators to do their job, and to free the deceased person. All Paris-Clermont trains were impacted during these operations.

Our article can be found here.

A house destroyed by fire

A fire broke out in a house in Beaumont-la-Ferrière on Tuesday, November 15, shortly before 8 a.m. The habitable part of the old farmhouse is completely destroyed. The tenant is unharmed but his dog perished in the fire.

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Belleville-sur-Loire nuclear power plant: reactor no. 2 soon to be reconnected

Shut down since mid-August, reactor number 2 of the Belleville-sur-Loire nuclear power plant must be reconnected to the electricity grid on Saturday November 19.

This scheduled maintenance outage was not an opportunity to control a possible phenomenon of “stress corrosion” which affects certain power plants in the French fleet. More details here.

Earth passes eight billion population mark

The world population therefore exceeds eight billion inhabitants, according to the official estimate of the United Nations, which sees in it “an important milestone in human development” and a reminder, in the midst of COP27, of “our shared responsibility to take care of our planet”.
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At least 44 of the 234 survivors of the Ocean Viking should be deported

At least forty-four of the 234 survivors of the humanitarian ship Ocean Viking landed in Toulon last week will be deported to their country of origin, announced on Tuesday, November 15, the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin.

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