Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1317 of Tuesday, November 15, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1317 of Tuesday, November 15, 2022 [SPOILERS] - News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Anna is taken into custody, Marianne’s plan works. Emma is disappointed with her new mission.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, November 15 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


In the early morning, Lisa and Martin arrive at Karim and Anna’s. Indeed, the police want to question Anna in the context of Romy’s disappearance since her phone has stopped near the hideout of the disappeared. When Karim tries to find out if she went to see her, Anna does not answer and then follows the police to the police station.

There, she explains to Commander Constant that she went to Romy’s hideout to check if she and Karim had gotten back together. She then waited for him to leave to discuss with the young woman. If at first the exchange was tense, Romy then swore that nothing had happened between them. Right after, she told him that she had decided to leave because she couldn’t do all this to them anymore. Unfortunately, Romy didn’t tell her where she was planning to go.

During this time, a fisherman brought up in his nets the body of a drowned woman, who had neither personal belongings nor papers on her. Prosecutor Perraud therefore instructs Damien to proceed with his identification and to detail the causes of his death.

Warned by her colleague, Lisa learns the terrible news from Martin. As it is likely to be Romy’s body, Anna is taken into custody. When she assures Lisa that she had nothing to do with Romy’s disappearance, she reminds her that she lied to the police. Many elements playing against her, Anna will therefore remain their main suspect until they find Romy safe and sound.

Not far from there, Rayane shows her uncle the article relating to the discovery of a body fished out earlier in the morning. It doesn’t take much for the teenager to imagine that his father killed his mother and threw her body in the water. Just as he is about to leave to confront his father, Karim stops him and asks him to stay at the apartment to avoid making things worse.

Despite her uncle’s ban, Rayane still finds her father at the foot of his hotel and then accuses him of having killed her mother. Malik then assures that he would never hurt the woman he loves and then specifies that he is simply looking for her to come back and live with him. When Karim arrives, Malik criticizes his brother for having turned on his son’s head before telling Rayane that he is going to take him a hotel room to discuss things calmly. Only, the young man categorically refuses and gets into his uncle’s car. Without waiting, Malik tells Karim that he stole his wife and son. However, for Karim, it has nothing to do with his wife leaving him. After having called him a liar and a manipulator, Malik brings up their mother, which does not please Karim at all, who summons him not to sully his memory.

Nearby, Commander Constant informs the prosecutor Perraud that the body discovered is not that of Romy Saeed. This is Charlotte Geysère, a victim of Delphine Laborde who committed suicide. In fact, Romy is certainly still alive. According to the police neighborhood survey, she would also have voluntarily climbed into a VTC on Friday around 5 p.m. The hypothesis would therefore be that of a voluntary disappearance, which would fit with the testimony of Anna Delcourt who is excluded from the list of suspects.

Once freed, Anna tells Karim how much he hurt her by lying to her about Romy. While they are talking, Rayane notices a letter from her mother on the pile of mail. In it, one can read, My darling, I hope you are well at Karim’s. Don’t worry too much about me. I am fine where I am. Soon all of this will be behind us. I have to settle this story with your father and then I swear we can meet again. I’ll contact you when it’s easier. Take care of yourself and above all listen well Karim. I like you. “. Moved, Rayane struggles to understand that her mother left a note in the mailbox without saying a word to her.

Immediately, Karim goes to the police station to give his colleagues Romy’s letter and then gets to work. Going through the CCTV images of the concierge of his apartment, he discovers that it was not Romy who left the letter but a man wearing a hood. Inevitably, for Karim, it can only be Malik.


To make up for being unpleasant, Jordan had oysters delivered to Christelle. An initiative that pleases Judith a lot. While the couple are having coffee at the Spoon, Mona interrupts them to give Jordan the glasses case that Marianne forgot the night before. When Judith realizes that her boyfriend spent the evening having drinks with his grandmother, she can’t help but tease him about this sudden friendship. It must be said that since the day before, Marianne and Jordan have exchanged a lot by messages.

At the same time, Marianne is struggling to recover from her evening with Jordan. When Renaud comes to hear from her, she tells him that she has finally changed her mind and that she wants to go with him for the Christmas holidays. If Renaud already sees himself on a beach with his feet in the water, he immediately loses his smile after Marianne specifies that she wants to go to Scandinavia to go on a snowshoe hike in the fjords. Not thrilled at the idea of ​​going to a place where it is so cold, Renaud retracts and offers to stay in Sète for the holidays. Soon after, Marianne calls Jordan to inform him that his plan worked and to thank him for saving his vacation.

At the end of the day, Judith asks for Jordan’s help because she has to make a delivery the next morning and Emma won’t be at the workshop in her absence. Jordan then agrees to come before class to give him a hand. Afterwards, Judith asks him to clean the van to make a good impression in front of her customers. Although allergic to certain products, Jordan agrees to do so. Only, the young woman sees clearly in her game and knows full well that her grandmother gave her some manipulation advice to make her feel guilty.


At the farmhouse, Emma overhears a conversation between Judith and Jordan concerning the charity evening on Friday which will raise funds for the Christmas of the children of the hospital. If Alex took places for the whole Delcourt family as well as for Jordan, he unfortunately did not invite Emma, ​​which is a great disappointment.

For his part, Alex receives a call from Celeste’s babysitter who indicates that she will not be able to keep the little one for the charity evening. As he has already bought himself a costume, Alex questions Emma to find out if she has anything planned for Friday. Thinking at first that he plans to invite her to the party, Emma quickly falls back to earth when she understands that he is asking her to keep Céleste. Up against the wall, Emma has no choice but to agree to play nanny.

At the end of the day, Emma arrives at the Delcourts to meet Celeste. Alex joins them in the kitchen to show off the suit jacket he bought for the evening. While Judith teases her father, Emma declares that she looks great on him.

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