What are the best food supplements for your hair?

Quels sont les meilleurs compléments alimentaires pour vos cheveux ?

Food supplements are great allies to keep your body healthy. However, they can also improve the condition of your skin but also your hair. Depending on the hair problems you encounter, don’t worry, there is bound to be a food supplement that suits you. In this article, we offer you the best food supplements to have superb hair.

Brewer’s yeast: the great classic

Surely you must have heard of the popular brewer’s yeast. Ideal food supplement to give your hair vitality and shine, we advise you to take it as a cure to purify your scalp over the long term. Brewer’s yeast also strengthens the nature of your hair, and prevents it from getting greasy too quickly. It is also an excellent repairer that makes your hair more supple and more robust, thanks in particular to the vitamin B it contains. Vitamin B makes it possible to produce keratin, which mainly constitutes the hair.

Spirulina: the growth stimulator

Concerning the health of the hair, spirulina acts in such a way as to strengthen it, protect it and restore its shine. You should know that the spirulina consists of zinc, antioxidants, proteins and B vitamins. Clearly, it contains all the essential elements for the synthesis of keratin and the good health of the hair fiber. Taken as a cure over several months, food supplements based on spirulina ensure the fortification of your scalp and fight against hair loss. In case of hair loss, we therefore strongly recommend that you take an interest in this nutrient.

Royal jelly: the anti-breakage ally

Royal jelly is a dietary supplement that promotes cell regeneration. It is therefore your best friend if you want to accelerate the growth of your hair and increase its resistance. In fact, the richness of nutrients that royal jelly holds has an extremely nourishing action for your hair fiber. Mention may for example be made, among its components, of vitamin B5, pantothenic acid or even vitamins. It is also an excellent moisturizer for dry, dull and brittle hair. Again, we advise you to take it as a cure to maximize its benefits.

B vitamins: the fighters against hair loss

Finally, we advise you to favor food supplements containing vitamin B if you suffer from hair loss problems. Stimulating the production of keratin, vitamin B plays an important role in maintaining the good health of your hair. In fact, it strengthens your hair and has a restorative action, which helps to fight against their loss and fall. In the long term, B vitamins are great allies in the face of disabling hair problems such as baldness. As with other food supplements, we recommend that you take vitamins as a cure.

All you have to do is identify the problems your hair has and find the dietary supplement that will solve them. And if you don’t know where to buy your supplements, we advise you to go to the Nutergia laboratory website. Choose from a diverse and varied selection of products, and take care of your hair!


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