What detangling product to adopt for your hair?

In spray without rinsing, in balm, in conditioner… There are a whole bunch of detanglers. Too many, we don’t really know where to turn (or hair). To enlighten you a little more, we give you some tips to find yours.

A detangler, what is it exactly?

If you’re out of shampoo, you won’t need to wash your hair with your conditioner, since it doesn’t wash it. Because ? Detangling care does not contain soap or foaming agents. Nevertheless, they are composed of moisturizing and softening active ingredients such as glycerin, rice protein, keratin, vegetable oils of castor, coconut, jojoba or even rice bran.

In addition, each product has its little secret provided by its active ingredients, according to its properties: glycerin and vitamin E for soft hair protected from environmental aggressions, lemon oils to illuminate and give tone, etc.

To choose it well, it is important to read the list of ingredients and avoid those based on alcohol, parabens, silicones and other chemical agents. If they provide sheathed and shiny hair, they can cause long-term damage. To avoid any inconvenience, choose more natural compositions with organic hair care.

Which format of detangler to choose?

To choose the format of your detangler, it will depend on your patience, but also on the whims of your hair.

For those who have the time, you can choose a detangling treatment that requires rinsing, such as a conditioner or a balm, to leave on for one or two minutes in the shower before rinsing thoroughly. For those who are not really in a hurry, you can opt for a detangling mask, to leave on its side for ten minutes before shampooing. Ideal to avoid weighing hair down.

The downside to these products is that they only need to be used on shampoo days, two to three times a week, which isn’t ideal if your hair tends to tangle quickly. For this case, it will be preferable to choose a detangling spray to apply to dry hair. Much faster, all you need is a little spray in the morning and/or evening before brushing. A perfect size for modern women who have a life at 100 per hour.

Which detangler to choose according to your hair type?

Just as you choose your shampoo according to your hair, it is essential to choose a conditioner adapted to the needs of your hair.

Frizzy or curly hair tends to be dry and tangle much faster than straight hair. It will be necessary to choose a moisturizer, which will detangle while preserving the beauty of your curls.

If your hair is colored, dry or damaged, it will also be necessary to choose a moisturizing detangling treatment, all the way to the ends to repair split ends. For colored hair, it will be important that your detangler keeps your color intact with beautiful reflections. To do this, avoid compositions for all hair types and opt for care products made up of moisturizing and strengthening agents.

Is your hair greasy and/or cluttered? Avoid all keratin-based treatments that will weigh them down even more. To regulate sebum, we turn to detanglers with sage or essential oils* of rosemary which tone the scalp, or even to treatments based on jojoba oil.

*Warning, essential oils are not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children under three years old. Always seek medical advice.

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