What oils to protect hair from the sun?

What oils to protect hair from the sun?

Why protect hair from the sun?

We take care of our skin and protect it from the sun, but most of us forget about the hair. The latter also suffer from the harmful effects of UV rays and must also be protected. A reasonable exposure is beneficial for the hair, because the sun promotes the synthesis of vitamin D and thus helps to fix calcium which is beneficial for the hair. However, prolonged and repeated exposure can damage the hair. In high doses, the sun dries out the scalp, modifies the pH and promotes the appearance of dandruff. In addition, ultraviolet rays prevent the evacuation of fatty acids in the sebum. Instead of being evacuated, they stagnate under the epidermis and degrade the roots. The hair becomes more fragile and is prone to falling out. The sun is also at the origin of the change of color of the hair and their drying out. It is therefore very important to protect the hair against UV rays, to nourish them throughout the year to make it stronger and less sensitive to external aggressions.

How to protect hair from the sun?

There are different solutions to protect the hair from the sun, including the application ofsun amber for hair, the use of shampoos or conditioners containing total screen or oils with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor). Some simple gestures can also protect the hair from the harmful effects of the sun:

  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat when you plan to bask in the sun. However, avoid exposing yourself between noon and 4 p.m.
  • Apply hair care to prevent hair from drying out.
  • During your holidays at the sea, rinse your hair with fresh water after each swim. Also tie up your hair and use sunscreen hair care.
  • Wash your hair after your bathing sessions, as salt and chlorine damage your hair. In addition, they make them even more sensitive to external aggressions.

Our favorite: sunscreen hair spray

Are you planning to spend a few days of vacation to enjoy the sea and the sun? Don’t forget to bring what you need to protect your skin and hair. For the hair, we were especially conquered by this L’Oréal sunscreen spray. This sun care is diffused in a light mist without rinsing on the hair, protecting it from UV rays while delicately perfuming it. It is suitable for all hair types. This treatment contains UV filters and Aloe vera. UV filters block UV rays while Aloe vera repairs the hair fiber. This sun spray also contains vitamin E which protects the hair from free radicals thanks to its antioxidant action. This treatment has a non-greasy texture and preserves the natural shine of the hair.

Protective and styling oil

Whether on vacation by the sea or for a hike in the mountains, protect your hair from UV rays. To do this, we have chosen this Kerastase protective oil. This treatment protects your hair from the harmful effects of the sun, allows you to create waves without a rough effect and nourishes the hair. It is enriched with coconut water which is an excellent moisturizer. This ingredient keeps hair healthy and preserves its vitality. This treatment also contains vitamin E which helps fight against oxidative attacks. Thanks to the UV filter, this treatment absorbs ultraviolet rays and minimizes their effect on the hair. To take advantage of all the benefits of this protective oil, spray it on your dry or damp hair, especially on the ends, and let it air dry.

Hair oil for normal hair

This hair oil we have selected also deserves your full attention. It’s about a Nuxe brand hair oil. This milky oil protects your hair from UV rays, salt and chlorine. While protecting your hair, this treatment also helps to hydrate it and make it shine. Very easy to apply, this oil diffuses in a mist and is deposited on the hair thanks to its ultra-light texture. It protects, sublimates and hydrates without weighing hair down. These are softer and silkier to the touch. This milky oil contains organic coconut oil (nourishes and repairs), jojoba oil (nourishes and sublimates the hair) and panthenol (strengthens the hair).

Leave-in spray mask for all hair types

We have selected for you this Revlon brand spray mask. More than a protective treatment, this leave-in spray repairs dry and damaged hair, strengthens the fibre, reduces breakage, detangles the hair, instantly hydrates it and controls frizz. After its application, the hair is protected from the harmful effects of the sun, is shiny and soft to the touch. This treatment can be applied to wet or dry hair. Thanks to its formula, you will come back from vacation with healthy hair. Moreover, it is used throughout the year to take care of the hair and not only in summer. It is suitable for all hair types.

Sun oil for hair

We also have in our selection this Bilboa brand sun oil. It is perfect for protecting your hair during your holidays by the sea. Indeed, it protects the hair from UV rays, salt, sand and chlorine. It intensely nourishes the hair fiber and reduces frizz. Easy to apply, just spray it all over the hair before and during sun exposure. This treatment is completely eliminated with the shampoo. It is suitable for all hair types. Thanks to this sun oil, no more dull, dry and brittle hair after the holidays, your hair will remain shiny and healthy.

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