When liberating women is a matter “in the hair”!

When liberating women is a matter "in the hair"!

If you are addicted to feminine hair, you cannot be too happy to discover in the media a plethora of charming young women revealing lush hair under their armpits. The reasons: hair removal is imposed on women by “society”, you have to free yourself; the hair is natural, it is still society that imposes a standard of beauty. It would be a short hair to reduce this trend to a question of hair removal. Behind these dense reasonings, there are at least three points to dig to put this misguided feminism in its place, that is to say right next to nothingness.

Argument 1: the social norm

Claiming not to wax as a woman is nothing more than trying to impose a new social norm: the hairy woman against the waxed woman. The norm will be new, but it will still be the norm.

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And if it is the very idea of ​​social norm that must be destroyed, then the day will come when it will be trendy and disruptive to do “post insta” showing off your shaved armpits! It’s an endless cycle. While not all social norms have been beneficial, the fact remains that they are intrinsically linked to human sociability.

Argument 2: “Yes but it’s natural”

“Yes, but hair is natural and we don’t ask men to remove it.” Good. Nature and human intelligence can maintain good relations and it is not because a natural process unfolds that intelligence must remain silent. Personally, I would like to thank the inventor of the soap which allows you to free yourself from the natural process of the proliferation of bacteria, responsible, among other things, for bad smells.

More generally, I would like to thank all the researchers and scientists who have been able to understand and surround natural processes with intelligence. And it is not because there have been abuses in this direction that all these advances should be brushed aside. As for men, if they don’t epilate like women, they still have a good part of their face covered with completely natural hair. Hair that they must maintain at the risk, otherwise, of falling factually and socially into the “big dirty” category.

Why do neo-feminists have no ideological and media weapon other than the deliberately shocking and trashy staging of the female body?

Argument 3: the trashy staging of the female body

The goal of neo-feminist militants is clear: to fight against social norms in order to free themselves from them, of course, because they are all necessarily and exclusively oppressive. If we can discuss the substance, it is above all the form that challenges. Why do neo-feminists have no ideological and media weapon other than the deliberately shocking and trashy staging of the female body? I am obviously thinking of Corinne Masiero, naked during the Césars, but also of the Femens. Behind the hair therefore hides the ideological forest which would like to erase the social dimension of man and which tends to deny his intrinsic dignity. These are the rotten fruits of this neo-feminism.

Faced with this, what to do? Take care of yourself, spiritually, morally, physically. To testify to this intrinsic dignity of the human being. Take care of yourself, to take care of the world and society. The English have this phrase: Somebody is learning how to be a person by watching you “. The counter-power is us, it’s you. It is not newsworthy but it is not ephemeral either. And he carries hope with him.

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