How to have and maintain healthy hair?

conserver les cheveux en bonne santé

Many women rack their brains to have healthy hair! There are a few well-kept beauty secrets to get there. Healthy and sexy hair throughout is the dream of women who value their appearance. However, the change of season and stress weaken it. Good news ! Healthy hair is easy to achieve with these genius tips.

To have healthy hair, take care of yourself

The healthy hair are indicative of a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, they manifest a metabolic, hormonal or dietary disorder.

Your diet

Having beautiful hair requires a healthy and varied diet. In other words, they need:

  • Proteins: vegetables, eggs and whole grains;
  • Vitamins B and A: fish, meat and dairy products;
  • Zinc and copper: seafood, soy and wholemeal bread;
  • Vitamin E: hazelnuts, almonds and vegetable oils.

These dietary intakes are the guarantee of healthy hair.

Do not wash them with water and do not wash them too often

Washing with water and shampoo dries out the scalp little by little. Indeed, you will have an itching sensation and flaking. To overcome the aggression of too regular shampoos, the scalp produces more sebum. As a result, the more you wash your mane, the faster it gets dirty!

Use only natural products on your hair

The homemade shampoo based on natural products helps to have healthy hair. On the production side, mix 25 cl:

  • jojoba oil,
  • aloe vera,
  • distilled water,
  • of Castile soap.

Complete the preparation with a teaspoon of glycerin.

Do not expose them too much to the sun or heat sources

Excessive exposure to the sun makes the hair dry, dull and fragile. It is therefore recommended to protect it with a cap or a hat. Also, healthy hair requires limited use of heat sources (hot water and hair dryer). In question, they quickly damage the hair fiber.

Keeping Your Hair Healthy With Scalp Massage

Massaging the head triggers blood circulation to the scalp. Use your fingertips and make small circular movements.

Detangle and hydrate your hair

Take a section of your hair and dampen it to relax it. Then, just untangle it with a wide-toothed comb instead of a stiff brush.

Trim ends and brush your hair regularly

By cutting the ends of your hair (every 3 or 4 months), you avoid the formation of split ends. This little scissoring also allows them to flourish in length.

Your hairdresser is your best adviser to keep your hair healthy

Your usual hairdresser advises you and offers a service adapted to your hair. It precisely achieves an even cut of the split ends to help you keep your hair healthy.

To keep your hair healthy, avoid stress

Cortisol, responsible for stress, most often causes hair loss. It is also the cause of excessive sebum secretion and the appearance of dandruff. To overcome the problem, you have to practice sport that promotes the release of serotonin. This happiness hormone reduces the secretion of cortisol and helps you maintain healthy hair.

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