Leighton Meester’s beauty routine

Leighton Meester's beauty routine

Ten years after the end of Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester has not aged a bit. At the beginning of November, the actress also appeared radiant in the arms of her husband, Adam Brody, on the red carpet of the film Fleishman Is In Trouble. Light makeup, radiant healthy skin… she made us want to know all her beauty secrets.

Leighton Meester, a natural beauty

If Blair Waldorf was “high maintenance”, in the city, Leighton Meester seems rather adept at less is more. Evidenced by its ultra-minimalist skincare routine. In an interview with Elle Quebec, she admitted to using only moisturizers and sun protection. “When I wake up, I cleanse my face, moisturize it, and apply sunscreen. I grew up in the southern United States and, unfortunately, in the past, I haven’t always protected my skin from the sun. “, she explained.

As for makeup, she admitted in an interview with Byrdie, not having a specific routine. The star does not wear makeup every day and when she does, she opts for a bright and never too much make-up. His favorite product for have a sculpted face and glowy? the Yves Saint Laurent Touche brilliance highlighter pen. She puts it on the shadowy areas of her face: dark circles, chin, nose wings and lip contours.

Touche Éclat, Yves Saint Laurent, 39.90 euros at Marionnaud

After a day of work, she likes to “relax” by taking a bath. A moment during which she takes the opportunity to remove her make-up and apply an exfoliating mask. Exfoliating masks are particularly useful for clean the skin, activate cell regeneration and boost radiance. It’s a good anti aging trickto be done once or twice a week depending on your skin type.

A healthy and balanced lifestyle

If Leighton Meester displays a fresh and radiant complexion, it is also thanks to his balanced lifestyle. She told Byrdie she always starts the day on a healthy note, with “lots of kale, spinach and greens…smoothies with protein powder, flax and chia seeds.” Enough to give him energy to face his day.

Nevertheless, the actress is not at all a follower of diets of any kind. She even considers that the stress generated to keep a “model figure” is not worth it. And she is right. “When I’m in a hurry, I eat a bagel with cream cheese, and maybe a slice of pizza, and then some pasta (…) In general, I eat a lot of fresh and organic food, but if I go at restaurants, I always have dessert. I am never hard on myself when it comes to what I eat. I usually follow my instincts… what I want, what I crave and what which is easy,” she said.

Same story with sport. Leighton Meester doesn’t force himself to exercise every day, like many Hollywood stars. If she did pilates regularly, she quit because she “hated it”. Today, she has one workout a week with a coach, and that’s it: “I know I can stick to it because I’m not afraid of it”.

The actress seems to have found the right balance to take care of her body and her mental health.

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