PHOTOS – 30 body treatments for gorgeous skin

PHOTOS – 30 body treatments for gorgeous skin

Treatments to erase cellulite, glitter oils to satin the skin, discover our selection of 30 magical beauty products to eliminate flaws and have a hot body this spring-summer 2021.

The bikini body race is a thing of the past. Today, the idea is to feel beautiful in your body as it is, by sublimating it just enough. Revealing tanned legs like the stars, firm and satiny skin, it’s within our reach, without much effort or sacrifice. Obviously, to feel good in your skin and in your head, it is better adopt a healthy lifestyle above all. An unprocessed diet that favors local and seasonal products by filling up with antioxidants (carrots, apricots) helps to have beautiful skin.

And taking time, meditating, breathing and practicing physical activity optimizes the feeling of well-being. But to boost self-esteem, sometimes all it takes is a few tricks that instantly beautify the skin and show off a body worthy of the red carpets. Scrubs, self-tanners, shimmering oils, here is the ideal outfit for a hot body.

> Discover our selection of 30 body treatments for gorgeous skin

Soft skin thanks to scrubs

No pretty skin without exfoliation, it’s an essential step if you want to put the odds on your side and display a body of a goddess. By eliminating the dead cells that accumulate on the surface of the epidermis, suffocate and dull the skin, exfoliation also makes it possible to remove excess sebum, pollution and all impurities. Exfoliation promotes cell renewal to obtain luminous, softer skin that is also more receptive to care. To do every week except in the case of sensitive skin: space out the exfoliation sessions by a fortnight.

> Discover our selection of 30 body treatments for gorgeous skin

Moisturized and nourished skin with satiny oils

After a scrub, and of course on a daily basis, hydration and nutrition of the skin are mandatory. It’s simple, hydration is the basis of beautiful and healthy skin. So be sure to always give your body everything it needs to stay fresh, toned and luscious. Dehydrated skin needs water and care rich in moisturizing active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or aloe vera, while dry skin lacks lipids (or fat). The latter needs nutrition that can be provided with vegetable oils (argan, sweet almond, avocado, calendula, camelina, rosehip, etc.) or vegetable butters such as shea butter.

> Discover our selection of 30 body treatments for gorgeous skin

A more toned body with anti cellulite

Stop the myths around cellulite! Orange peel skin is normal and natural. And it is far from being reserved for curvy women. According to statistics, more than 80% of women over the age of 20 are affected, regardless of their morphology. Even though we are in an era of body positivity, not everyone is comfortable showing off their cellulite.…as not everyone is giving up filters on Instagram either, let’s be honest. There is nothing wrong with that.

For those who wish, caffeine-based treatments can gradually reduce and smooth cellulite. The most impatient can resort to blurrs, which offer immediate action thanks to an optical effect. Do not forget that the action of massaging the skin is as important as the slimming cream itself because thee massage has a real effect on the tissues. You can use a tool like a roller, for example.

How to fight effectively against cellulite?

A tanned body with self-tanners

UV cabins are no longer popular and that’s good. To have a nice golden tan, which camouflages cellulite a little and boosts self-esteem, it is preferable to use self-tanning treatments like Ashley Graham, muse of the St-Tropez brand self-tanners. To avoid unsightly marks, Exfoliation and massage are essential. Another option is dietary supplement treatments that boost melanin from the inside and at the same time prepare the skin to better withstand the sun.

> Discover our selection of 30 body treatments for gorgeous skin

Beautiful legs with the shimmering oils

It’s the little touch of glamor par excellence that has its effect, especially in the evening on the beach, in town or at home, why not! Sensual and sensory, the body oil has the advantage of being suitable for all skin types. When you get out of the shower, when the skin is still damp and the pores are dilated, apply an iridescent or glittery oil of your choice. on the legs, neckline or armsperforming gentle circular massages to enhance your tanned or golden skin.

3 tips for sexy skin this summer

> Discover our selection of 30 body treatments for gorgeous skin

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