Take care of yourself with a minimum (light to carry!) of hygiene care products

Take care of yourself with a minimum (light to carry!) of hygiene care products

natural care products
Natural care products to take in your backpack.©FL

Oral hygiene, washing gels, shampoos and finally small massages, it is possible to take everything on a trip, wild camping for example. A little shopping tour of some essentials that will slip into your backpack for a hike of a few days or can serve as ideas for Christmas.

Oral care at Propolia

Announced as being without fluoride or dyes, made with natural products recognized for their virtues, such as cloves, peppermint, cinnamon, honey and propolis (a kind of vegetable resin used by bees), the brand’s products Propolia comes in several forms: chewing gum, drops to be applied by pipette to the teeth and gums, toothpaste and mouthwash. In direct application, it is strong in the mouth but the honey quickly softens the impression and calms the small pains on the gums. Pictured below is a 30ml bottle. Info and prices at : https://propolia.com/fr/17-soins-bucco-dentaires

Dry shampoos at Centifolia

Practical for wild camping trips when you save water, dry shampoos from the Centifolia brand come in several flavors (raspberry, kiwi, grapefruit, etc.) to leave a pleasant smell on the hair. Presented in the form of powder, they do not require rinsing: just sprinkle the product directly on the roots, then rub and then brush the hair. Designed and manufactured in France, these shampoos are made from natural and vegan products. Pictured below is a 50g dose.

Info and prices on: https://centifoliabio.fr/fr/361-shampoings-drys?gclid=Cj0KCQjw9ZGYBhCEARIsAEUXITWXmImMRBSol_xjH0yMsjAPtrxwoELVsp69wk6tAD6zABRJuPefia0aAt0BEALw_wcB

A bag of sweets at Océopin

Called the “care bundle”, Caroline Gomez’s E house offers a set of four bottles of organic care products from the Océopin brand. A kit that includes everything you need for the body: body and hair washing gel, powder and milk and ointment. Indicative price 30 euros. Info on: https://www.oceopin.com

body care products
In the bundle, four océopin products: 15 g or 15 ml bottles

Compex, a home physiotherapist

Controllable from a smartphone, the Compex Mini is a “muscle electrostimulator” designed both to work the muscles gently and to recover from certain cramps or pains. You have to download the application and then choose its mode to manage, via the box, the intensity of the electrical stimulations, following the recommendations for use. Price: around 300 euros. Info about : https://www.compex.com/fr/compex-mini

On the phone screen, we choose the points of the body to stimulate,
or to be treated, as here with the lumbar parts.

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