This treatment would keep your hair smooth longer!

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The latest patented European hair straightening technology uses the finest quality tannic acid. Taken from black acacia and combined with fruit enzymes to smooth, straighten, restructure and transform your hair into real silk. This surprising smoothing process uses fruit enzymes and tannic acid. Both work through nanotechnology, heat, and traction (using a straightener or hair dryer) to achieve beautiful, smooth, shiny hair.

Enzymotherapy by Tanino: this particular and natural treatment to straighten the hair.

With advancing age, our hair loses its shine over time. It becomes finer, more frizzy, more frizzy and less easy to maintain. Maybe you’ve had coarser, thicker hair all your life and want hair that’s more manageable, silkier, and smoother. If your hair seems even more complicated to maintain or if you notice that it becomes particularly curly in periods of humidity, the straightening treatment for hair is for you.

It is possible that you have already tried a keratin treatment before and that you find each time that your hair is more brittle and drier. You certainly want to be able to clean or dye your hair immediately after having a straightening treatment without having to go through the keratin firming process. You probably want softer, smoother hair for a longer period of time. All these reasons are perfect for opting for this smoothing treatment.

How long can a Tanino enzyme therapy treatment last?

This hair straightening treatment is labor intensive and the process can take 3 hours or more depending on the density, length and roughness of the hair.

Am I a good candidate for Tanino’s enzyme therapy treatment to straighten hair?

  • It is perfect for women and men who want to significantly reduce frizz and frizzy locks.
  • Anyone who wishes to have straight, smooth, silky and reconditioned hair.
  • Perfect for fine, medium or thick hair. Tanino Smoothing Treatment will smooth hair without compromising volume.
  • Anyone who wants to drastically reduce blow-dry styling time.
  • Anyone who wants smooth, straight, silky and more manageable hair for 6 months.
  • Ideal for people who travel (especially in places with high humidity) and who are prone to frizz.
  • Ideal for people who want to avoid formaldehyde. It is a harmful active ingredient found in most keratin straightening treatments.
  • Anyone who wants to forego the keratin curing period, without color or washout for 24 hours or more.

Other benefits of Tanino:

  1. It is truly exceptional in that this smoothing treatment is the only one that replaces harmful formaldehyde with tannic acids. These tannic acids are used to straighten, reconstruct and transform the shape of hair on a molecular level without the use of harmful chemicals.
  2. Formerly known as Taninoplasty, enzyme therapy is 30% more effective. The base Taninoplasty recipe has been enhanced with fruit enzymes, increasing its potency. Before the Taninoplasty treatment, for example, 15 to 20 uses of the straightener were essential for a silky and favorable result. With the latest advances in the formula, just 8-10 uses of the straightener can achieve the same results. Again, it must be recognized that this hair straightening treatment benefits from the most advanced technology.
  3. Enzymotherapy is the new generation of natural smoothing, dermatologically tested on human volunteers.
  4. Unlike other hair straightening treatments such as Keratin or Brazilian Blowout. Tannin smoothing does not contain glyoxylic acid, formaldehyde or aldehydes. Another form of formaldehyde derivatives.

Tannin smoothing: Which treatment is the most powerful?

The Alpha Tannin treatment brings a dramatic improvement in the texture and feel of the hair. Your hair will be straighter, shinier and softer to the touch. The treatment works by relaxing the hair 100%. This allows nutrients to penetrate deep into the hair shaft. This gives your hair the strength it needs to resist damage from heat and environmental factors. Also, the treatment helps to repair the existing damage on the hair. Such as split ends and breakage. As a result, your hair will be at its best in shape and sensitivity.

How long should I allow before washing my hair?

Unlike other treatments, tannin smoothing does not require any waiting time. You can continue your habits in terms of washing and using your hair products after performing your tannin straightening.

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